72 Rainbow-Colored Counting Bears with Cups Review

72 Rainbow-Colored Counting Bears with Cups Review
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It is not enough that parents equip their children with knowledge. Yes, it is important for children to learn Math, Science, and Language Arts. However, it is equally, if not more important, to teach them life skills such as cleaning up after themselves and values not directly taught in schools, such as patience and organization.

When choosing educational toys for children, parents have a lot of considerations. Will it make your child smarter? Is it affordable? Is it easy to clean up? Is it durable?

Aside from these things, parents should also consider what buying a specific toy is teaching their children. How will this toy contribute to character building?

Montessori toys help with both intelligence and character. These toys prepare children not only for a career but all aspects of their lives. These toys do not impose learning, but rather encourage learning and development to come out naturally.

Children enjoy using Montessori toys without the pressure of learning. Eventually, they are able to relate their games to reading, writing, and arithmetic.

72 Rainbow-Colored Counting Bears with Cups is one of these Montessori toys that parents could purchase to teach their children things more valuable than counting.


Most people may find 72 Rainbow-Colored Counting Bears with Cups to be very simple or worse, boring. However, if they are going to take a closer look, they would realize that it is more than rainbow-colored bears and cups.

It is a toy set that teaches children color identification, matching, sorting, counting, and simple arithmetic. It is a toy set that also improves their focus and concentration, and teaches them the value of cleanliness and orderliness.

  • Comes with 6 cups of different bright colors and 72 bears that match the colors of the cups in equal number
  • With a drawstring backpack for easy packing and storage
  • Teaches matching, counting, and basic arithmetic
  • For preschoolers to kindergartners
  • Made of durable plastic 


Yes, this toy set looks simple, but it has a lot of advantages. Below are four of the most important ones:

Children from two to five years old will benefit from this toy set.

This toy set does not only teach computation, which is for bigger children. Young children such as those 18 months to three years old could benefit from 72 Rainbow-Colored Counting Bears with Cups because it also teaches them about colors and how to count.

Putting each bear in their matching cups also promotes logical thinking, and helps with hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Bigger children, on the other hand, would enjoy learning about patterns, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction using this toy set. They are also taught organization and sorting when they play with this product.

This toy improves children’s focus and concentration.

Since some of the activities that can be done with this toy are more apt for older children, younger children who will attempt for more advanced “games” will most likely be thinking quietly for more than 30 minutes. Because of that, they are taught focus and concentration, and how it produces desirable results.

This would be great for children who have short-attention span. They will be trained to keep their focus for longer periods.

As for parents, this would mean moments of silence and some free time since 72 Rainbow-Colored Counting Bears with Cups is also a quiet toy. Playing with it does not make any loud noise or unwanted sounds.

It teaches the value of cleanliness and orderliness.

Since this toy set is made of color-coordinated cups and bears, children would readily understand that the bears correspond with the cups. Seventy-two little bears look messy when spread on the floor for sorting.

Once the child starts sorting and putting the bears in their respective cups, they would realize that cleaning up and organizing things feel satisfying. Positive reinforcement from parents would also help.

It is affordable.

72 Rainbow-Colored Counting Bears with Cups is relatively cheaper than other similar toys on the market. It is a wise buy considering the fact that it is made of durable materials. It can be used for many years and can be passed on from sibling to sibling. 


It was challenging thinking of cons for this toy set. Nevertheless, here are two:

Bears could get lost and might be difficult to replace.

Although slim because of the drawstring storage backpack, there’s still a possibility of the bears and cups getting lost. When this happens, spare bears and cups may not be available. This means that the parents would have to buy a brand new set. Nonetheless, they could always improvise.

Bears could be a choking hazard for small children.

The size of the bears allows for them to be put in small children’s mouth. This means that should toddlers play with this toy set, close adult supervision is required.

This should not be a problem if the parents are homeschooling their children, as they are really supposed to be with them when they learn through play. 


72 Rainbow-Colored Counting Bears with Cups will benefit children from 18 months old to five years old. The number of activities that could be done with this toy set will both be enjoyable and educational for almost all children.

It teaches about numbers and colors, and promotes logical thinking, and helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It also develops focus and concentration.

This affordable toy also teaches children that cleaning up and organizing can be fun and satisfying. However, because of the size of the bears, there’s a possibility of each one getting lost or being a choking hazard among younger children who still put things in their mouth. 


There are a high number of educational toys on the market that also teaches counting, color, and simple calculations. One of which is the Arshiner Wooden Shape Sorter Geometric Sorting Board.

Similar to the product above, it also helps build a child’s character. The good thing about it is that the sizes are somewhat bigger than the bears incorporated in the toy being reviewed. However, Arshiner is made of wood and has rods on it which may pose a danger to young kids. 

The Verdict

72 Rainbow-Colored Counting Bears with Cups is a simple yet powerful toy that improves both the intelligence and emotional quotient of children. It does not overwhelm or overstimulate children, and they also benefit the parents because of how simple they work while still providing school and life lessons at a very affordable price.

It shows children that being patient, paying attention, focusing, and concentrating have satisfying rewards. Also, it makes children as young as two realize that cleaning up and sorting can be a lot of fun. Not a lot of popular toys can do that!

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