Alex Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube Review

Alex Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube Review
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Children are fascinated by boxes – give them an empty box and they will soon transform it into a car, a train, or a fort! Just imagine the things they can learn, and explore when they have colorful wooden activity cubes. These are in the shape of a box with six sides except that these aren’t empty in the middle but instead five of their sides are filled with activities.

This is true for the Alex Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube, an award-winning toy that parents love for their children and that children love to play with. This is a winner of the prestigious Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal award so parents have the assurance that it’s among the best educational toys for toddlers.

Alex Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube Features

This is a sizable – for a toddler, at least – wooden activity cube measuring 16 x 12 x 12 inches with five sides covered in a wide range of stimulating activities. The sixth side is the base, so it doesn’t have activities.

The entire cube is colorful with bright and bold colors in reds, blues, and greens so children are immediately attracted to it. This is recommended for children 1 year old and up. While there are no small loose parts that can become a choking hazard, 11-month old babies and younger will not likely appreciate the activities, perhaps not even be able to play with it in a sitting position.

  • Stable and sturdy construction

The wood used for the activity cube isn’t mentioned in the description, but it appears to be a strong and sturdy wood, nonetheless. The choice of wood is important because toddlers aren’t exactly equipped with physical finesse when playing. The wood should be able to withstand countless touching, pinning, and hitting of the built-in toys – and this seems durable enough for the purpose.

The base also appears to be sturdy, so toddlers cannot easily topple it over while its 6.26-kilo weight also deters it. But the weight can also be an issue for parents who want a relatively portable wooden cube, although many parents also say that it isn’t a big deal either.  The stable base is also a boon because children can concentrate on the activities instead of worrying about swiveling actions from the cube.

  • Filled with stimulating activities on five sides

No matter where your toddler looks at the activity cube, there’s something exciting to explore and enjoy! Your toddler can even spend an hour or two just playing with all five sides of the cube, which means you have more time on your hands for other matters. You may or may not play alongside your child, such as when you play with him as part of structured play and then leave him to play on his own (i.e., independent play).

The topmost side contains an elevated curvy maze with large beads as the “racing cars” while its floor has a colorful painting with the edges designed in a red-and-white pattern. This part stimulates your toddler’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as he strives to put beads from one end to the next. There’s no buzzing sound or electrical current on the wires, unlike in other toys of this kind, for obvious safety reasons.

There’s a side with alphabet tiles that can be rotated on rods. Each tile shows a letter written in bold colors while the other side shows an object or animal that starts with the letter, such as “C” for “cow” and “D” for “drum”.  Toddlers can start learning their alphabets and their initial sounds without the pressure of a formal learning environment. Parents just have to point out the letters and their corresponding words while making it sound like a fun activity.

Another side depicts the people who may be familiar to toddlers, especially people outside of the family. These people include the baker, doctor, and mailman, each one of whom is depicted in a child-friendly drawing. Your child opens the small doors with doorknobs to reveal these images behind them.

With these five sides, toddlers benefit in many ways from playing with the wooden activity cube. The bright colors stimulate their eyes while also allowing them to learn the differences between colors. The activities aid in the development of their skills in logical thinking, problem solving, and keeping memories, among other mental skills. These are also essential in the development of physical skills, such as in fine motor control, and in emotional skills like patience and perseverance.


  • Built to last
  • Provides toddlers with a wide range of fun activities with learning opportunities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Relatively portable
  • Sturdy base and sufficient weight to prevent toddlers from overturning it


  • Children younger than 12 months cannot use it so there’s limited applicability


The Alex Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube is an excellent choice when parents want a truly educational toy for their children. The cube provides toddlers with learning activities designed to develop their physical and mental skills, as well as their social skills when they learn to play with others.

Buy it now for your toddler and enjoy seeing her learn so much, even on her own!

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