Alphabet Learning Toys for Toddlers

Alphabet Learning Toys for Toddlers
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Educational toys with the alphabet written on them are the most popular kind of toys on the market. Parents often prefer these kinds of toys because it is a great way to introduce the alphabet to their toddlers along with shapes and basic colors.

Learning the alphabet is a basic skill that most toddlers develop long before they enter Pre-kindergarten or any kind of formal education. While many can sing or recite the alphabet, many young tots cannot identify the letters by sight because of the lack of familiarity with how the letter looks.

Alphabet learning toys for toddlers make it easier to identify and memorize these letters and it gives children a big advantage in school. Check out these educational toys with the alphabet and add them to your toddler’s toy chest as early as possible:

Alphabet learning toys for toddlers: Flash cards

Flashcards may not be considered as toys per se, but they are a good way to introduce the alphabet to a toddler. Plus, they are the cheapest form of educational “toy” a parent can purchase. There are many different forms of flash cards that contain the alphabet and parents can get creative when they use cards during play time.

Word association games are fairly easy to do with flash cards and toddlers can better absorb what they learn when they see the different letters in writing and not just sound. This may not be the most find choice, but it is effective and affordable.

Alphabet with matching pictures

Another very popular form of learning tool that includes the alphabet are toys that come with matching pictures. A for apple, B for ball, C for cat—these are all great ways to introduce words that start with the different letters of the alphabet. When a toddler can identify common objects and relate them to a letter of the alphabet, their association skills are developed further.

Light-up alphabet

Light-up toys are always entertaining for a toddler and adding the alphabet to these kinds of toys is a great way to learn and absorb the different letters. Most of all, toys that light up are exciting for a young mind so they end up engaging and playing with the toy more often.

Toddlers may not immediately pay attention to the lighting letters at first, but when parents use the toy as an educational tool, a toddler can better identify letters when the light comes on. This kind of educational toys is perfect for toddlers who prefer visual cues.

Alphabet toys with sounds

Sounds are always interesting for young children and alphabet learning toys for toddlers that sing or say the alphabet helps them mimic the sounds they hear. Repetitiveness is a key part of early education and understanding and with the help of a toy that can repeat different letters; children become better at identification and memorizing the letters as they grow older.

These toys are usually more on the expensive side, but it is worth it when toddlers learn how to talk faster with the help of exposure to toys that make sounds and say phrases. Fair warning to parents, a toy that makes repetitive sounds can become annoying, but a little patience and controlled playtime can lessen the noise.

Alphabet puzzles

The more advanced and older toddlers require more of a challenge when they have already learned to say their alphabet. Hearing them and seeing them may no longer be stimulating enough for their growing mental capacity. Challenging them in the form of alphabetical puzzles is the best way to instill what they already know.

Puzzles are always a fun and educational option for many parents, but this kind of toy should only be reserved for older toddlers. They may come with small pieces that can pose a choking hazard for younger children.


The best kind of educational toys that instill the recognition and memorization of the alphabet depends on the mental stage of the toddler. Introducing the letters as early as possible is a great way to ensure they fully absorb all the letters both through sight and sound long before they start going to school.

Keep the learning process fun, engaging, and challenging so that your tiny tots don’t feel bored as they learn about the different letters. Upgrade the educational toys once they have outgrown them. This will keep things interesting for them.

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