Battat Pound and Roll Learning Toy for Toddlers Review

Battat Pound and Roll Learning Toy for Toddlers Review
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The world of babies and toddlers revolve around toys. Aren’t you amazed at how much fun these little babies get with simple whackadoodle-thingy, shapes, blocks, and other baby thingamajigs? It’s like they’re in a different world than ours! Can you imagine having fun with Battat Pound and Roll Learning Toy for Toddlers yourself? I bet you would find it trivial! But for the little ones, these types of toys translate to hours of fun!

But hey, these toys are more than just toys for these little kids. Bear in mind that the most important thing about babies and toddlers are eating and playing. So, don’t get disappointed when your toddler doesn’t show interest in sports or music yet!

There’s a different stage for that. Meanwhile, the toys you introduce to them can influence their development and behavior. Essentially, selecting the right type of toy can be quite a task if you think of it carefully.

Gross Motor Skills Development

We are all excited to have our babies turn, crawl, sit, and walk for the first time. However, it takes a while for them to develop their gross motor function. Introducing toys that encourage physical movement can help them develop their gross motors quicker. Toys involving the development of the arms are recommended for babies and toddlers, especially those who cannot walk yet.

Babies will use their hands to grab on whatever stuff they can get their hands on to pull themselves up and start walking. With better arm strength, they can start grabbing and pulling themselves up earlier.

Fine Motor Skills Development

Fine motor refers to the smaller muscles of the hands and fingers in relation to eye coordination. This involves the grasping and gripping of your baby. With stronger grip and accurate grasp, your child can start grabbing stuff earlier and can lead to faster physical development.

Fun and Excitement

Having fun while playing with toys is the essence and one of the most important things in helping your child grow with high emotional quotient. Better toys can help your child mature faster and improve their cognitive process. And you know what? Even us adults want fun and exciting games, right? How much more would these babies and toddlers love fun!

Battat Pound and Roll Learning Toy for Toddlers

Battat is more than a century old family-owned company that has been revolutionizing the market for baby toys. At Battat, they take their trade seriously. They may have started as a humble family whittling toys, but now, they have grown into a huge company and employs highly skilled professionals to research, design, and manufacture toys that are age-appropriate, non-toxic, and safe to use.


The pound and roll toy is a great way to strengthen your baby’s gross and fine motor skills. This colorfully designed pounding game catches the attention of your baby to encourage play time. It comes with four balls, a hammer, and a maze. The balls can be neatly stowed on the left side of the maze to help you organize it after playing.

The holes put up the right resistance to encourage forceful pounding and help develop muscles without causing frustration to your young one. Grabbing on the hammer enforces the fine motor grip and whacking the balls down the maze helps strengthen the gross motor muscles of the arms.

This toy is designed to help your baby further understand the concept of cause and effect. Observe as you watch the ball go down the maze after whacking it with the hammer. He learns that hammering the ball will send it down the maze and fall at the bottom of the tray.


  • This toy is free from BPA and other toxic materials that may pose a danger to your child.
  • The color scheme easily catches the attention of your baby and provides hours of fun.
  • The concept of the game can further teach your baby about cause and effect.
  • This toy encourages faster development of gross and fine motor skills.
  • The balls can be stored securely at the side of the maze.
  • This product comes with only a few pieces and is large enough to avoid choking when placed in the mouth.


  • The holes at the bottom are large enough to fit a toddler’s small hands. Having a hand stuck on it can pose a risk of injury.
  • In case other items are thrown into the holes, you would find disassembling the toy would be quite a task.


This toy is sensibly made to teach children about cause and effect while helping them develop stronger upper body gross motor and fine motor skills. This is a great toy to introduce to babies aged one year old and above.

The toy is made with high-quality materials that would not cause potential risk to your baby. The toy does not have small parts that can cause choking. This toy is designed to provide hours of fun while helping in the physical and mental development of babies.


If you thoroughly search the market, you will find a lot of pounding and hammering toys online. They follow the same concept of play and teach the same lessons. They also develop the same set of gross and fine motor functions. However, other toys like Playkids’s Pound a Ball does not have an enclosed maze that would prevent the balls from rolling away when it tips over.

Toddlers, especially the younger ones, are a bit clumsy and may frequently flip the maze from the tray. An enclosed maze provides a safer mode of play and would require minimal supervision from the care provider’s end as the balls would not easily roll and get stuck in tight places.


The Battat Pound and Roll Learning Toy for Toddlers will give hours of fun to your little one. The mechanism of play would jump-start the development of gross and fine motor skills of the upper body which is crucial in the development of the lower body muscles. One advantage you get from Battat’s pound toy over Playkids’ is the enclosed system that would require minimal supervision.

The sooner your baby gets to grab on ledges and other stuff, the sooner he will start walking! Overall, Battat’s pound toy is a great buy to enhance and increase the rate of your child’s physical development. It’s not that pricey and can be played by your baby with minimal supervision. The game also teaches your little one about cause and effect.

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