Benefits of Educational Toys

Benefits Of Educational Toys
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Are educational toys really worth the hype? Many parents ask this very question because they tend to wonder if there really are any benefits of educational toys when used by babies, toddlers, and children. Although labeled as educational, many tend to focus on the word “toy” which doesn’t really sound beneficial to a young child’s growth and development. As a concerned parent, it is only natural to wonder if toys really do have a profound effect on a child’s early learning stages.

Know the Benefits of Educational Toys

To give you some peace of mind, here are some proven benefits children stand to gain when they play with educational toys.

Benefit 1: Encourages exploration and curiosity

From the moment humans are born there is already a sense of curiosity forming. Babies grab, touch, and feel things before their sight fully develops. This is a way for babies to understand their surroundings. Educational toys like activity mats create a safe and clean spot for infants to explore.

Tummy time is made more interesting as they can freely grasp and kick at a hanging object, touch and feel different textures around them. This allows them to explore their world and learn from their surroundings.

Benefit 2: Helps develop senses

Educational toys target the different senses of the human body. Sight, hearing, touch are the most common senses that are further developed with the most basic of educational toys. Bright toys, toys that produce noise and other things make infants aware of their different senses.

The more they are exposed to these, the better their senses develop. With constant exposure, babies start to develop their personalities. There might be certain sounds and sights they like or dislike and they learn how to communicate their feelings towards these experiences.

Benefit 3: Possibly increase IQ

Different toys teach children different lessons but most toys primarily are made to increase motor skills, literacy, memorization, quick identification, and even hand-eye coordination. When these are all encouraged to develop during the early stages of a child’s mental growth, they are more likely to grow up smarter. Since toys make learning fun, toddlers are encouraged to learn as much as they can and retain many of those lessons.

Benefit 4: Helps develop better problem solving skills

One of the biggest benefits of educational toys is the way it challenges a child’s mind. They are often faced with a series of problems like puzzles and matching games that encourage them to think. As they start to learn how to successfully solve and overcome the challenges these toys present, they learn more lessons.

Their ability to think critically is further enhanced by educational toys, a definite advantage when learned during the early developmental years.

Benefit 5: Enhances social and emotional development

Another area where educational games help during the early stages of brain development is the enhancement of social skills and emotional stability. Many of the educational toys on the market require children to interact and play with other people. This is the perfect way to introduce them to peers their age and to adults.

While they learn to interact and play with other people, they also learn the impact of emotions. Social cues like crying, laughter, and anger are all experience by toddlers when they play with other children. This results in a child who is well adapted to social situations.

Benefit 6: Captures attention for longer

Getting kids to stay still for a prolonged period is a challenge every parent must overcome. Toddlers who are always looking for entertainment are able to sit still when they are allowed to play with educational toys. This means parents do not have to rely on TV or tablets as a way to keep their children seated for an extended period.

Challenging toys that are fun to play with are a good source of entertainment and mental stimulation. When given the right kind of toy, a toddler can spend hours learning while at the same time playing.


There are a lot more benefits of educational toys when introduced to children starting at a young age. Parents who are still debating whether investing in a few educational toys for their babies should do so. After all, the benefits of these kinds of toys last until they reach their adult years. The right kind of toy given at the right time can do wonders for a young mind’s overall development.

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