Best Alphabet Learning Toys: Your Choices

Best Alphabet Learning Toys
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Kids will always love toys. Playing is an essential part of childhood development. That is why companies today focus more on creating toys that enhance mental development and fine motor skills. The alphabet is one of the most basic lessons for young children. Some parents want their sons or daughters have a head start on learning the ABC’s. That is why choosing the best alphabet learning toys is crucial.

Product 1: LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

The LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set is an interesting product. Aside from it being an educational toy, it also looks great on your fridge. The toy set has 26 interactive alphabet tiles. Little kids can sing along or even dance to each tile pressed. The songs are in English, so it is easy to sing along. The magnetic tile reader works well. There is a volume switch that is easy to use. When you press a letter twice, it will say the letter used in a word and sentence. This toy set is lightweight and safe to use by children.

The downside of this product is that there are tiles that do not match with the sounds when pressed. There is a poor sound quality which makes it inconvenient for small children. This might confuse them during the early stages of mental development.


  • Has 26 interactive alphabet tiles
  • Can sing along different educational songs
  • Content of songs: English alphabet
  • Has magnetic tile reader
  • Enhances phonics, vocabulary and fine motor skills
  • Has the songs Wheels on the Bus and Alphabet Song
  • Pressing a letter twice lets it say the letter in a word and sentence
  • Has fridge magnetic phonic tiles
  • Easy to use volume switch
  • Lightweight


  • Wrong sounds for letters
  • Poor sound quality

Product 2: 30 Alphabet Blocks with Letters Colors by Skoolzy

This product looks like the traditional building blocks for small children. The blocks are made of high-quality wood which approximately measures an inch. There are 30 pieces in this set that will help kids improve their fine motor skills. It can also be played during bath time. This product is best given as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. The building blocks are lightweight and definitely perfect for little hands. It is also one of the best alphabet learning toys in the market.

The downside of this product is that it is unsafe for children under 3 years old. It is too small as compared to the images that it may be swallowed accidentally if small kids are not supervised. The wood is easily chipped off, and the paint on the block comes off when in contact with water or any liquid. The product is not that durable and may not last if used for a long time.


  • High quality wooden blocks with letters
  • 30 pieces of wooden blocks
  • Kids will improve: building and fine motor skills
  • Includes a washable backpack for storage and portability
  • Dexterity of child will be developed
  • Can be used for play during bath time
  • Measures approximately 1 inch
  • Perfect as holiday gifts
  • An activity guide is downloadable
  • Lightweight good for small hands
  • Gets toddlers a head start on the alphabet


  • Hazardous for kids under 3 years old (can be swallowed)
  • Too small as compared to images
  • Wood is easily chipped off
  • Does not last long
  • Paint is removed once in contact with any liquid

Product 3: Foam Letters Alphabet Educational Toys

If bath time is a fun time for your kids, this product adds on to the entertainment. Their toys are made of high quality, nontoxic and environment-friendly materials. There are 26 letters which the child can match it with the first letter of the 26 animals to choose from.

These have bright colors which make bath time so much fun. The toys can float on water or may be stuck on the wet walls near the child’s bath area. The size is also just right for toddlers. There is a small storage bag for keeping the toys in place.

One thing to worry about is that this toy set is not good for young kids below three years old. There are small parts in which may cause harm. Aside from that the print on the toys easily comes off.


  • Has 26 animals and 26 letters
  • Brightly colored toys
  • Perfect bathtime learning toys
  • Lightweight and floats on water
  • Sticks to any wet surface
  • Letter corresponds to specific animal
  • Size of letters are just right for small hands
  • A PVC storage bag for safekeeping
  • Material is non-toxic and environment-friendly


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age
  • Print on toys come off easily

Best Alphabet Learning Toys: Our Verdict

All three toys are very helpful for kids learning the basics of the English alphabet. Since little children are very curious, during play, their minds focus on the letters on the toys. They develop fine motor skills and vocabulary. That is why the Foam Letters Alphabet Educational Toys for Toddlers with Bath Toy Organizer – One of the Biggest BathTub Toys ( 26 Puzzles-52 items )  -Safe is a great buy because it will make bath time also a learning venue. It may be expensive as compared to the other two products, but it is worth it.

Subconsciously, the letters on the toys will stick to the child’s mind during play time. That’s why when the kid takes a bath and plays with these foam toys, he or she may recognize the letters even outside the bath area. Learning through play is definitely a hit in society today.

The other two products are also some of the best alphabet learning toys in the market, but there are just too many disadvantages which may not be suitable for young kids. The quality and function of the two products are not okay and not worth the cost.

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