Best Brain Toys for Toddlers that Do Not have Negative Effects

Best Brain Toys for Toddlers that Do Not have Negative Effects
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Most people know and understand the negative effects of using gadgets for extended periods. Some parents would argue that letting toddlers use computers are inevitable because they are the only “toys” that make them pre-occupied, allowing the poor parents to do some chores or office work without getting disturbed.

This might be true for some; however, there are a number of best brain toys for toddlers that do not have negative effects on their development.

Then again, busy parents do not even have the time to search for and review these toys. In addition, most of the toys that promise to help with brain development are either expensive or also require close adult supervision.

As parents, the goal is to find stimulating and educational toys that little children can play with minimal adult supervision.

Listed and reviewed below are three of the best brain toys for toddlers that could definitely keep them busy while parents also make themselves productive. These toys range from plastic to wooden, elaborate to simple, and expensive to affordable.

Parents should check out the pros and cons below to help decide which toy set matches their and their children’s specific needs. 

BOOMARDO Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set

For parents looking for a budget-friendly toy, this is not it. Nevertheless, the price of Boomardo Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set is definitely justified as it comes with 108 pieces of toys composed of shape magnets, a Ferris wheel, letter cards and digital cards.

It is also well packaged as it comes with an instruction booklet to make sure the customers get the most out of this toy set.

This product is also safe for young children as it is made of food-grade plastic that is non-toxic. Each piece is durable and the magnets called “Magna tiles”, do not come off easily. Also, it does not have unnecessary small parts and sharp or rough edges to ensure safe play.

The best thing about this magnetic construction set is that it is portable and easy to clean up. It comes with a plastic box with a handle that fits all the pieces without fuss.

Boomardo certainly has both the parents and children in mind when they designed and created this brain toy. 


  • It uses Magna tiles that are very durable.
  • Made of food-grade plastic
  • It has 108 pieces that would keep the children busy for hours.
  • The colors are captivating and could sustain children’s attention.
  • Helps develop fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination
  • Portable
  • Comes with instruction booklet


  • It’s a bit on the pricey side. 

Lewo Wooden Puzzle

Wooden toys are a hit nowadays because they are more environment-friendly compared to plastic toys. This one from Lewo is made of wood and coated with non-toxic paint. It only uses basic colors, so younger children are not overstimulated or overwhelmed.

However, the paint could come off quickly especially if the toddlers using it still drool—getting the toy wet, or if bigger children try to rub or hit the parts against one another. The pegs also come off after some time, so they need to be put back using glue.

Durability is one of the issues with wooden toys that have parts simply stuck. Wooden toys for small children understandably do not have nails, as these could hurt anyone.

Nevertheless, since they are made of wood, which does not easily crack or break, they can still be fixed with some adhesive.

Overall, Lewo Wooden Puzzle is still worth the hassle. It teaches both color and shapes. This toy also helps improve toddlers’ hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills, as it requires them to put each of the pieces around pegs. These shape parts could also be used to build tiny structures, stimulating children’s imagination. 


  • It’s made of wood.
  • Teaches colors and shapes
  • Helps improve toddlers’ hand-eye coordination
  • Does not overwhelm smaller children
  • Non-toxic
  • It’s also buildable. 


  • Paint comes off easily
  • Not that durable 

Playkidz Super Durable Pound-a-Ball Toy Set

The first thing parents and children notice with Playkidz Pound-a-Ball is its attractive and stimulating colors and design. Since toddlers’ eyesights are still developing during the first few years of their lives, this toy set is great at capturing their attention and retaining it.

This toy set is durable and not as messy as other toys. There are only several parts, so it is easy to clean up and store. Children use it by pounding the ball, so it goes through the holes and mini slides until it reaches the bottom.

Playkidz Pound-a-Ball stimulates curiosity as the children are captivated by the balls as they move from top to bottom.

Children enjoy taking turns using it, and even the spectators enjoy watching the ball go from the top, through the winding slides, and down at the bottom. It is definitely fun to play!

However, since it is made of plastic, this toy set tips over easily. Putting some weight on the base would help. The ball is also a bit hard, though lightweight, but it can hurt if thrown even with a bit of force, and could also break house decorations.

It is also not recommended for parents who want some quiet time because the toy set is noisy when played. 


  • It has an attractive design.
  • Fun to both play and watch
  • Helps develop motor skills
  • Playing it is also a good exercise for children
  • Not as messy as other toys
  • Durable 


  • Tips easily
  • Balls could hurt other people
  • It makes a lot of noise. 

Best Brain Toys for Toddlers: The Verdict

Among these three best brain toys for toddlers, the ideal purchase would be BOOMARDO Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set. It is the only one that comes with a plastic container that has a handle, so the family can bring it anytime, anywhere.

It also has a lot of parts and it encourages a variety of activities since it is composed of three kinds of toys (shapes, a Ferris wheel, and cards). The quality of this product and what it teaches young children are worth the price.

Each family is different, though; they have different lifestyles and setups, and children are different, too. Although Boomardo Magnetic Set is the best in many respects, either Lewo Wooden Puzzle or Playkidz Pound-a-Ball could also surely provide parents minutes or even hours of me-time.

These are the three best toys that could replace tablet computers in the household. They are educational like computers, minus the negative effects.

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