Best Developmental Toys For Toddlers: What Are Your Options?

Best Developmental Toys For Toddlers
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Toys are very important in the brain development of young children. Playing with simple toys adds up to their learning. That is why choosing the best developmental toys for toddlers are very important as these are the foundations of their learning. Toys as simple as stacking and sorting already hone their skills as they grow older. Here are some top picks that parents and teachers love to add to their collection.

Homder The First Years Nesting & Stacking Up Cups with Numbers & Animals

This product is great for toddlers because the cups have bright colors and made of safe materials. There are 10 pieces which are increasing in size plus 1 animal toy. These cups teach young kids how to count and recognize the different colors. The bottom part of the cups has an embossed animal print for kids to enjoy.

Young boy and girls can play with it indoors or outdoors. This product can also be a good addition to the learning tools for both teachers and therapists. These stacking cups promote brain development, hand and eye coordination and sensory training.

The downside of this product is that most of the cups have dried glue that does not look nice. The numbers printed on the cups are not at the same angles. Aside from that, the toys are very small as compared to the images. This may be a choking hazard for children who still put small objects in the mouth.


  • Made of quality and safe materials
  • 10 pieces of increasing size cups and 1 animal toy (either a bear, rabbit, frog or tiger)
  • Cups are numbered from 1 to 10
  • Easy to clean
  • Teaches counting and color recognition
  • Bottom of cups have an animal embossed each
  • Great for indoors or outdoors
  • Therapists and teachers can add this to learning tools
  • Promotes brain development, hand-eye coordination
  • Enhances color and number recognition
  • Teaches different letters, shapes, and sizes
  • Good for sensory and comprehensive training


  • Has dried glue on most cups
  • Numbers not printed on same angles
  • Very small as compared to images

Jumbo Toddler Lacing & Stringing Beads

The toddler lacing and stringing beads are perfect for honing fine motor skills. This is a precursor in writing, so it is very important. This toy set has 30 multi-colored beads in five different colors and seven shapes for easy play. There is also a storage bag so that after playing, the kids can easily put everything inside and can be very handy. The entire toy set promotes hand and eye coordination and dexterity. It is lightweight and comes with a downloadable activity guide for parents.

The downside is that this product has very small beads and not jumbo as advertised. It is definitely not suitable for children under 3 years of age. It will cause choking if swallowed. And the string is literally just a simple shoelace. It costs too much for its value.


  • Has 30 multi-colored lacing beads in 5 colors and 7 shapes for easy play
  • Each jumbo bead is approximately 1 inch
  • Has a storage bag for safekeeping
  • Promotes fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination and dexterity
  • Stringing activity is a prerequisite in writing
  • Durable
  • Has a downloadable activity guide
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for toddlers who still put objects inside the mouth
  • Not “jumbo” sized beads
  • String is literally just a shoelace
  • Not worth for the price

Rainbow Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups

This toy set is one of the best developmental toys for toddlers that comes with 60 small bears and 6 plastic cups which are color coordinated. The materials used are nontoxic. These are BPA, Phthalates and lead-free. Toys can easily be cleaned and stored inside its clear container. The design is perfect for both boys and girls. The kids will learn how to properly sort and count the objects. It also teaches Montessori math and develops cognitive muscles through play.

This product also helps autistic children develop well. Teachers and therapists can add this product to their learning tools. There is a downloadable eBook for activity guidance. This can be used indoors and outdoors, even at bath time.

The downside of this product is that the toys are very small as compared to the images advertised. The small bears might create a choking hazard for children under 3 years old. The toy set is expensive and not worth it.


  • STEM educational toy set with 60 small bears and 6 plastic cups
  • Rainbow colored counting and sorting
  • Montessori math toys
  • Great for boys and girls
  • Has a clear storage container to keep the cups and bears
  • Materials are non-toxic
  • BPA free
  • Lead free
  • Phthalates free
  • Downloadable eBook
  • Perfect as birthday or holiday gifts
  • Also helpful for autistic children
  • Helps develop cognitive muscles
  • Can be used for bath time


  • Choking hazard: not suitable for kids below 3 years old
  • Overly priced
  • Too small than images advertised

Best Developmental Toys For Toddlers: The Verdict

Overall, these picks are already some of the best developmental toys for toddlers in the market. Each may have disadvantages, but at least the intention is to develop the child’s learning process.

Among the three, the Homder The First Years Nesting & Stacking Up Cups with Numbers & Animals for Kids Toddlers Early Educational Stacker Toys11 Pack. It provides holistic development for any child. Little boys and girls will love playing with these toys indoors and outdoors.

It promotes hand and eye coordination. That is why therapists and teachers love this toy set as a learning tool. Aside from that, it is easy to clean and store. The other toys have more cons than their pros.

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