Best Interactive Toys For Toddlers: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Toy for Your Kid

Best Interactive Toys For Toddlers: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Toy for Your Kid
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Bright colors, cheerful music and interactive play entertain little kids and those are the things that manufacturers keep in mind in making the best interactive toys for toddlers. Each kid has unique needs, so parents really try hard in choosing the most appropriate toy for their child by age level.

Here are three interactive toys that somewhat offer different learning activities for young children. 

VTech Touch & Teach Word Book

Kids love colorful and stimulating pictures, and this interactive book is the perfect choice to enhance vocabulary, alphabet mastery and fine motor skills. Each page is full of details and touch-sensitive to little hands.

This toy has six categories with over 100 words to learn every day. There are four modes such as letters, music fun, “find it” and “what’s the word” activities so if you are looking for a pre-kindergarten toy, this is a great choice.

Furthermore, there are two cubs, named Cora and Cody who guide your little ones as they turn the pages. The word book toy is lightweight and good for children 18 months and above. This functions well on two AAA batteries.

The Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book is one of the best interactive toys for toddlers in the market today. Overall, it looks stylish in which a little child will get attracted to right away. But when batteries weaken, the toy malfunctions.

The user is instructed to turn the pages more often which may annoy the child, and the melodies played are too soft making it hard for the child to hear. Another downside is that it only comes in pink and orange colors.


  • Has detailed and stimulating pages for young children
  • Pages are touch sensitive
  • Kids can learn over 100 words ( six categories )
  • Four modes: music , letters, find it and what’s the word
  • Perfect pre-kindergarten toy for your little boy or girl
  • Develops fine motor skills, vocabulary, and alphabet
  • Cora and Cody help your child thru interactive play
  • Suitable for 18 months and above
  • Functions on 2 AAA batteries
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect as a birthday or holiday gift


  • Instructs user to turn the page more often
  • Melodies are too soft
  • Breaks after several uses
  • Malfunctions when batteries are low
  • Only comes in two colors: orange and pink 

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

Since children love to doodle and draw things on paper, Vtech Write and Learn Creative Center can be your best option if you’re looking for a great writing toy. It has a beautiful magnetic drawing board where the child can easily write and erase which enhances writing and drawing skills of children from three to 24 months old.

With its animated demonstrations on the top screen, the kid learns how to draw or write using the proper strokes.

Writing lowercase and uppercase will not be a hard task when playing with this toy, that’s why it is a great pre-kindergarten tool. The product also guides the child in writing their own names on the board making it easier for them to learn how to write letters and numbers.

With over 26 different shapes and lines, any toddler can practice their artistic skills at such a young age. While the kid is writing, he or she can also enjoy listening to the happy music played by the toy.

The only thing to watch out for is that the plastic tears easily when mishandled and the marks the kids make on the board does not clear up completely.


  • Beautiful magnetic drawing board
  • Enhances drawing and writing skills of a young child
  • A great pre-kindergarten tool
  • Has animated demos to learn the proper strokes in writing lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Teaches the child how to write their name
  • Learns how to draw simple lines and 26 different shapes
  • Child enjoys listening to cheerful music
  • Enhances creativity
  • Perfect for 3 to 6 years old


  • Plastic tears easily
  • Marks on board does not clear up easily 

VTech Musical Rhymes Book (Frustration Free Packaging)

It has been said that music is one of the best learning tools for kids, that’s why the Vtech Musical Rhymes Book is one total package for fun and learning. It has easy to turn pages that little kids would certainly love.

The book has smooth and colorful pages with a star that lights up along with the sounds and has over 40 songs and melodies to entertain the little kid. This product also enhances fine motor skills through sliding and twisting the play pieces.

There are pretty, colorful buttons that are easy to press. If the kid loves singing to nursery rhymes, there are six songs included in the book—great for both boys and girls ages three to 24 months.

Another good thing about it is that the vocabulary used is age appropriate.  It is lightweight and functions well by simply putting 2 AAA batteries.

What makes this product not good is that when the batteries are weak, it starts to malfunction. The toy does not play the songs in order, and the music does not sync in with some pages.


  • The book has easy to turn pages
  • Offers visual stimulation
  • A star lights up together with the sounds
  • Kids can learn six different nursery rhymes
  • Enhances fine motor skills through twisting and sliding play pieces
  • Reading book has 40 plus songs and melodies
  • Colorful buttons to press
  • Interactive book for little boys and girls
  • Suitable for ages three to 24 months
  • It has age appropriate vocabulary
  • Lightweight
  • Functions well with 2 AAA batteries


  • Malfunctions when batteries are weak
  • Does not play songs in order
  • Music does not sync in with most pages

The Verdict

These products are indeed some of the best interactive toys for toddlers in the market that can capture a little kid’s heart. The three toys have amazing and intricate designs that attract any toddler’s eyes.

But if you base it on value for function and money, the Vtech Write and Learn Creative Center is the best buy. It encourages any young child to sit down and practice writing by following the instructions on the screen.

It has a beautiful and handy design that any kid can take it at home, playroom or in school.

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