Best Learning Toys for 1 Year Old: Products You Need to Check Out

Best Learning Toys for 1 Year Old
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If you are reading this article, you may be wondering what a one-year-old can learn. Well, studies have shown that learning actually takes places from inside the mother’s womb. That is why some babies can identify their mother’s voices and the voices of their fathers and persons caring for them.

If babies were not learning, then parents would not take the time to talk with them as if they could understand and they also would not be reading to them. So, given that babies can learn too, what are the best learning toys for 1 year olds?

Best Learning Toys for 1 Year Old

The best learning toys for 1 year olds may vary from child to child. At that age, it is difficult for a child or even parent to determine what toys a child will really like because babies are quite fascinated by anything.

It does not take a lot to entertain them, and their toy can be something as simple as a rock in a bottle that rattles or a piece of colored paper. Below you have several options to choose from when getting an educational toy for a one-year-old.

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

VTech has long been known as a brand that produces and sells educational children’s toys. This toy comes with songs and music and teaches your toddler about animals, colors, and numbers. It also has an interactive interface so that your child’s learning can be assisted. The best thing about VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is that it is not too small, so even babies can use it.


  • Song Flashlight. This musical flashlight comes with over fifty songs that your kid will love and soon sing along to. It also has five different colored lights that are not too bright, so you don’t have to feel threatened by your two year old having a flashlight shone on your face.
  • Great for learning. Give your toddler a head start with this flashlight. It helps your toddler to count and learn numbers as well as to be familiar with animals.
  • Standard batteries. The flashlight operates with AAA batteries. Even if your child does not use the flashlight, it is set to turn off after 45 seconds of inactivity so you don’t have to worry about your child running the batteries down. Batteries are included with this purchase.


  • Small product. The toy is small so if you were hoping for something larger, you may be a bit disappointed. Your kid may also be disappointed because they have a tendency to want to play with the biggest toys.
  • Maybe boring. Children like to be actively engaged in activities and they like things that are flamboyant. The lights on these aren’t very bright so your child may not be as captivated by it as they would be with a regular flashlight.
  • Annoying for parents. If you think kids’ songs are annoying, then do not get a musical flashlight for your kid as this may drive you up a wall.

Think Gizmos Musical House Learning Toy for Toddlers

Think Gizmos Musical House Learning Toy for Toddlers is actually a musical activity play center house with lights and sound. It can be used by kids as young as one year old and is a colorful house containing numbers, shapes, blocks and even an abacus counting aid.


  • Different Activities. The musical house has 22 sound effects, and each effect is linked to its own set of activities on the house. The activities include piano, a calculating game using beads, slots for shape sorting and animals and colors.
  • Fun and learning. The activities are not only intended to be fun, but they are intended to assist in the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving.
  • Durable material. You may be able to pass this house down from one sibling to the next. The material is strong, ABS plastic and it is non-toxic and therefore safe for your child to use in play.


  • Not for the parent who does not like music. Your toddler is going to use this repeatedly just for the sound. You should not buy this musical toy if you are going to be annoyed by the sounds coming from the musical house.
  • Computerized sounds. If you were hoping for an actual piano sound, the sound that comes out of this house is computerized.

Fat Brain Toys MiniSpinny

The product name may not be in keeping with words you want your child to use, but this MiniSpinny is a propeller toy that spins down a  corkscrew pole. Your child just has to keep flipping over the toy to see the pieces spin and move down the pole. It seems pretty simple, but to them, they want to understand what is happening and that is complex.


  • Learning tool. Your child can learn a lot using this simple tool. They can learn colors, as the colors are very vibrant and they can learn to count by examining the limbs of the propellers. It also encourages the development of senses and motor skills.
  • Portable. The toy is small and portable, so you can take it anywhere to keep your child engaged when traveling or in the bath.
  • Great for babies. Kids as young as ten months can use this tool. It does not present a choking hazard, is made from strong non-toxic materials and was tested for safety.


  • Does not stand up. This toy cannot be balanced on its own. If you try to balance this toy, it does not have enough weight to stand.
  • Small toy. The toy is really small. It is probably best intended to be a travel or an on the go toy. So if you intend to gift this, you may have to get something else as well.

The Best Learning Toys for 1 year old: Our Pick

If you want something that is less likely to make noise, then you should get your one year old the MiniSpinny. However, the toy is very small so it probably won’t be the best thing to keep their attention if they have a lot of other toys at their disposal. The flashlight is another compact toy that you can get and there is also the musical house.

If you have a hard time deciding, then you can pick the cheapest item of the three. If cost is not a factor, then you can get the toddler all three toys as there are never enough toys for them!

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