Best Toddler Toys For 2 Year Old: Three Recommended Picks

Best Toddler Toys For 2 Year Old
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Parents who have raised children would say babies are hard to look after, but toddlers are even more difficult to handle. Parents should always be on their toes when their child reaches the terrible two stage. Kids of their age seem to have an unlimited amount of energy as well as curiosity. They plug appliances, break things and put items in their mouth. As such, parents often wonder what are the best toddler toys for 2 year old? Below are some of the highly recommended toys for those terrible twos.

Learning Nursery Rhymes With An Electronic Book

One of the first things parents teach their children are the nursery rhymes. These days parents have more options in teaching the young ones to sing and memorize these rhymes with the help of electronic books.

The VTech Rhyme and Discover Book is an electronic book that combines rhythm and rhyme to help in the early childhood development. It is recommended for children aged six months to three years old.

The electronic book has six pages and three light-up character buttons. It contains seven favorite nursery rhymes along with 40 movable pieces. The book is made from BPA-free plastic and weighs 1.2 pounds.


  • Made from BPA-free plastic
  • Contains six colorful pages
  • Plays seven popular nursery rhymes


  • Low audio which makes the sound a bit difficult to hear
  • Only sings a line or two of the nursery rhymes and the rest are just plain music
  • Can pinch and close on the fingers
  • No control for volume

Animal Toys for The Young Ones

It is no secret that kids including toddlers enjoy looking and playing with animals. Parents show pictures of different kinds of animals in the hope that the young ones will recognize them at a very early age. Now, parents can do more than just show them pictures and instead provide them with animal toy figures.

The ValeforToy Animals Figure contains 54 pieces of solid, plastic animal pieces in non-toxic paint. The set has 32 jungle animals, one coconut tree, 17 fence and four grass pieces. The toy is educational as it is meant to introduce children three years old and above to the different kinds of wild animals including tigers, zebras, lions, giraffe, elephants, cheetah, gnu, and hippo to name a few.


  • Educational toy to help children learn about wild animals
  • Has 32 different kinds of animals


  • Colors do not reflect the correct colors of each animal. For example, a bear is in color purple, and a deer is colored in orange
  • Painting is uneven
  • Size ratio is off since animals are of the same size like a squirrel is just as big as an elephant
  • Scales could be a potential choking hazard since they are too small for three-year-old kids
  • Animals do not stand on their own
  • Many animals do not stand on their own

Best Toddler Toys For 2 Year Old? Let Them Play With Tools

Kids love putting together stuff, and toddlers are no exception. Many parents go as far as letting the young ones watch them work with their toolset to further enhance the learning of the kids and to help them become passionate in building something worth their while with the use of tools. Luckily for parents, there are toolsets for kids.

One of them would be Toy Choi’s Kids Tools Set that is designed to help kids three years old and above to use their imagination while developing their hand-eye coordination. Each piece is patterned after real production prototype.

The set includes several work tools such as adjustable spanner, press drill, spirit level, wooden block, screw, screw nut, graphic ruler, nail, H Clip, shovel, and tapeline.


  • Education toy set to promote use of imagination and improve hand-eye coordination
  • Pieces are patterned from real prototype of tools


  • Latch of the case can easily break


It is no secret that toys are crucial for a toddler’s development. This is why parents try their hardest to find different kinds of them in the hope that the young ones will be able to develop various skills as well as enhance their imagination and memory. Fortunately for parents, there are different kinds of toys on the market that are available for toddlers.

However, having many choices has a downside, too as parents can only choose a couple of toys for their small ones. This is why it is essential to find which toys could help a child most and are value for their money.

The three toys above have different functions with each product having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, which is the best toddler toys for 2 year old from the three items above?

There is no simple answer as these three are all educational toys but are different from each other. The VTech Rhyme and Discover Book is an electronic book that was designed to help toddlers recognize and hopefully memorize some of the most popular nursery rhymes. Plus, it is an interactive toy with its buttons that are meant to enhance the motor skill function of young ones.

However, this product has a major flaw: the book only sings two lines of each nursery rhyme. This feature, unfortunately, would be of little help if the goal of the parents in buying is to help their kids memorize the nursery rhymes. Additionally, the contents of the book can pinch the fingers of the child.

It is best to let the little ones learn about different animals by letting them have animal set figures, and the ValeforToy Animals Figure was meant to do just that. The toy set has 32 kinds of jungle animals.

The number of animals in the set is commendable as it would help kids learn about different wild animals. However, the toy could have been more realistic and use the correct colors for the animals. Unfortunately, the product maker has decided to paint the animals in odd colors such as purple for the bears, which slightly defeats the purpose of helping toddlers recognize the animals.

Teaching kids how to build things with the use of toys while improving the hand-eye coordination is what makes Toy Choi’s Kids Tools Set an interesting choice. The tools in the collection are from real prototypes, which also makes the set a good choice for toddlers. Now kids can pretend they are building something like their parents with this toy set.

Among the three, the Toy Choi’s Kids Tool would be the best choice as it fulfills its goal given its design and function. The two other products somehow how have failed to provide complete educational experiences given their product designs that have missing lines or are unrealistic.

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