Best Toy Cars for Toddlers: Top 3 Picks

Best Toy Cars for Toddlers
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Kids love playing with toy cars. For the little ones or toddlers, this toy is a must-have. It is no wonder why many parents scour for the best toy cars for toddlers in shops and department stores. Unfortunately, parents may have a difficult time in finding the perfect toy car for their kids as there are many of them on the market. Below are reviews of three products that parents might want to consider when purchasing this particular toy.

Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set

This toy set consists of four pieces of vehicles including family car, school bus, fire truck and police car. All items are lightweight pieces with fabric covering. The vehicle set is designed for kids ages nine months old to four years.

Each toy has a rev up mechanism to allow kids to accelerate the vehicles with only little effort by simply pulling them back and releasing them. The toy set comes in bright colors to help young ones recognize the different colors. The product is also designed to improve the child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


  • Designed to help in color recognition and improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Soft fabric covers make the toy easy to wash
  • Rev up mechanism allows kids to zoom the vehicles around easily


  • A bit difficult for younger kids to use the pull-back cars
  • Paint comes off easily
  • Has strong chemical smell

Joyin Toy 6 Pieces Friction Powered Die-Cast City Traffic Vehicles

This toy set comes with six types of city vehicles namely, ambulance, fire, planes, train and police car. The product is designed for kids aged three years and up. Each car can do different tricks while running such as rotating of the propeller, shaking of the engine cover and rising of the chimney to name a few.

Each vehicle comes in bright colors and is made from real metal with prime quality friction box for moving the items around. Customers who bought the product and are unhappy can return the toy set as it has a money back guarantee.


  • Comes with six different vehicles
  • Each vehicle has its own trick while running
  • Made from real metal with prime quality friction box
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Vehicles break off after a couple of weeks if constantly used

Wideland’s Push and Go Toy Trucks Construction Vehicles Toys Set

This toy set has four vehicles namely, bulldozer, mixer truck, dumper and tractor made from durable plastic. The product uses a 4-WD system that allows the vehicles to move in the long distance by pushing the car forward.

Each vehicle has its own trick such as a detachable trailer for the tractor, up and down movements for the bulldozer’s arm, and rotation of the cement, mixer to name a few. The toy set, after all, was designed to help improve a child’s sensory perception, hand-eye coordination and develop imagination. The product is recommended for children aged 18 months and above.

The product is made from non-toxic plastic material and is eco-friendly. The toy set has undergone several certifications and testing by various bodies like CPC, EN71, CPSIA, and ASTM, ensuring that the product is 100 percent healthy and safe. It also comes with a lifetime technical support, a one-year full refund and 24-month replacement.


  • Comes with four different vehicles
  • 4-WD system allows the vehicles to run long distances by just pushing the car forward
  • Each vehicle has different movements and tricks
  • Made from non-toxic, durable plastic
  • Certified and tested by different bodies
  • With lifetime support, 24 months replacement and one-year full refund


  • None

Best Toy Cars for Toddlers: The Top Pick

It is an understatement to say that there are plenty of toy cars out on the market. Sometimes looking for one is a confusing task as many of them look the same. This is why it is hard to find the best toy cars for toddlers.

Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set consists of lightweight pieces covered by fabric, which makes the task of cleaning the toy much easier. It is intended to help improve a young one’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

However, this toy set has its flaws. For example, the paint comes off easily and releases a strong chemical smell. This could be a health issue as the toy might be using toxic materials, particularly for its coloring. The size might be an issue too as it was designed for kids ages nine months to four years old, but might be too large for babies.

Joyin Toy’s Die-Cast City Traffic Vehicles set has six vehicles with each of them offering a different trick. Each toy in the set is made from real metal with prime quality friction box for running the vehicles in any space. Plus, customers who are unhappy with this purchase can ask for a refund as the product has a money-back guarantee.

However, it has its flaws, too, mainly its durability. With constant use, this toy set might quickly end up being broken despite its metal material.

Wideland’s Push and Go Toy Trucks Construction Vehicles contains four vehicles with a 4-WD system, allowing the young ones to let them run across any space easily. Each piece also has its tricks, thus helping toddlers to develop their imagination further.

The toy set is eco-friendly as the vehicles are made of durable and non-toxic plastic. It has received several testing and certifications for its durability and safety. Buyers who are unhappy with the product or are having problems with it can access a technical support or opt for a full refund or replacement with a specified time frame.

All three products have the same goal: motivate the imagination, develop the fine motor skills, and improve hand-eye and color recognition. However, if safety and health are the main consideration, then it is best to go with Wideland’s construction vehicle set as it is made from non-toxic material and has been certified for its safety.

Plus, this vehicle toy set of Wideland is durable. Should buyers have problems with the toys, then they can easily ask help from the maker’s support team or ask for a refund or even a replacement.

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