Best Toys For Toddler Boys: 3 Highly Recommended Products

Best Toys For Toddler Boys
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A boy’s childhood will never be complete without any toys. In fact, many parents buy the little boys plenty of toys so that they have something to pay attention to rather than constantly running around, which tires parents and carers. There are plenty of toys on the market these days and as such adults often find it difficult to decide which is the best toys for toddler boys.

There are various reasons why we should buy little boys plenty of toys. First, playing enhances the creativity of children and not just male ones. Plus, playing also helps develop the child’s skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

When buying toys, there are several factors to consider. Of course, there is the price as shoppers should always keep in mind their respective budget. Plus, one has to think about the kind of toy to purchase. Will it be the moving kind of toy that toddlers can easily handle? Or will it be the big ones that will require the supervision and help of adults?

Given the many factors to consider in buying as well as the different products out on the market, here are the reviews of three toys that are suitable for any boy toddler.

M-jump Pull Back Vehicles

The M-jump Pull Back Vehicles is a set consisting of 12 kinds of vehicles including excavator, road roller, mixer, bulldozer, dumper, clay cart and fuel tank car, to name a few. Each vehicle has distinctive details to provide a more realistic replication of the real ones.

Each item measures roughly 2.2 inches and is brightly colored. It is easy to use as the kid only needs to pull the vehicles to start acceleration. All cars are made of plastic which comes in a zip-lock type of plastic rather than a box to keep them all together.


  • Includes 12 vehicles
  • Brightly colored
  • Detailed design to closely replicate real vehicles
  • No batteries needed


  • Might be too small for toddlers
  • Plastic material is not durable

Toysery Electronic Walking Dancing Robot Toy

This toy from Toysery can surely entertain the little boys with its dance moves. Its legs and arms move with the song it plays, and the robot can even dance sideways. It also can spin with its 360-degree action due to its wheels. The robot can sit on the surface and rotate.

Aside from dancing to the music, this toy can grab the attention of kids with its flashlights display. Just don’t forget to change its three AA batteries to ensure that it keeps dancing and flashing off the lights to the delight of the toddler boys.


  • Has several dance moves like side steps and arm swinging
  • Robot can navigate around with its dual-wheel foot balancing
  • Battery is easily available


  • No switch for volume thus no option to turn off sounds
  • Plays only one song
  • No volume control
  • Lyrics are not in English
  • Falls over after dancing

Lewo Wooden Toddlers Car Toys

This wooden play set from Lewo comes with a 4-level wooden ramp racer and four colorful wooden cars. Its design is meant to improve both the fine motor and organizational skills of toddlers. It is also intended to stimulate creativity and enhance problem-solving skills of the little one.

The ramp measures 11in x 9.6in x 3.8in and weighs two pounds. Both ramps and the cars are made from solid wood that is painted in non-toxic, water-based paints. There is no need to put together the ramp as it already comes assembled.


  • Made of solid wood
  • Finished in non-toxic, water-based paints
  • Educational toy to improve fine motor skills and enhance imagination of kids
  • Ramp is already assembled


  • Kids can only slide one car at a time
  • Cars can get stuck sliding down
  • Screws of ramp keep falling out

Best Toys For Toddler Boys: Which Is the Top Choice?

Toddlers are hard to manage given their increased curiosity as well as energy levels. This is especially more true for toddler boys who are often more vigorous and energetic than their female counterparts.

This is why it is essential to keep little boys busy by giving them toys to play. Toys after all, in many cases do not only keep the young ones entertained but also help them develop and improve their skills.

There are plenty of toys for toddler boys on the market, which makes shopping a bit more tedious. The reviews above discussed three products, but which of them is the best toys for toddler boys?

The M-jump Pull Back Vehicles has 12 small vehicles made of plastic. Aside from entertaining young ones, the product is designed to improve the fine motor as well as the eye-hand coordination skills of the young child.

However, the plastic material is not very durable. Plus, the vehicles’ size could be too small for kids, which then becomes a safety concern.

On the other hand, the Toysery Electronic Walking Dancing Robot Toy is a real entertainer. The robot can move its arms and legs while it blares out loud music. It can also move sideways and sit on the surface. The flash led lights on its body adds more entertainment value.

However, the robot might also scare off kids with its incomprehensible song. Unfortunately, there are no options to turn off the sound nor lower its volume. Plus, the robot is mostly for entertainment purposes, and not exactly an educational toy.

The Lewo Wooden Toddlers Car Toys can both entertain and help in the development of a toddler. Its wooden ramp and four cars can help improve the hand-eye coordination as well as the fine motor skills of toddler boys. It is also finished in non-toxic, water-based paint for children, which eliminates the worry of parents that the toys are made from harmful chemicals.

However, parents may need to watch out for their children as they might get frustrated when cars get stuck on the ramp or if the toy vehicles fail to slide down. Plus, carers and parents may need to tighten the screws of the ramp from time to time.

But despite the Lewo Wooden Toddlers Car Toys’ shortcomings, it is still the best among the three. More than its entertainment purposes, it is educational and more appropriate for toddler boys.

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