Educational Toy Distributors: Which Brand is the Best?

Educational Toy Distributors: Which Brand is the Best?
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In the early months of a child’s life, they learn by playing; which is why, over the years, a lot of educational toy distributors have ventured into designing and manufacturing educational toys for babies and toddlers. These toys are intelligently designed to help nurture a child’s creativity, problem-solving, imagination, and outside-the-box thinking skills.

The toys that we buy for our children hold a great impact on their overall development. In addition to being packed with fun, child’s toys must also contribute to the development of a child’s cognitive and physical development.

Children spend their waking hours observing and learning everything around them, which makes it even more important to surround them with toys that can help in their growth. When you provide children with different kinds of toys, you require them to use various skill sets and practice different learning areas of their brain.

There are thousands of toys available in the market today that can aid in your child’s overall development. However, it is also important to invest in toys that are specifically designed to provide a specific value to children—these toys are called instructional or educational toys.

This article will delve into the most trustworthy educational toy distributors in the market today. But, first, let us understand what makes a company a great educational toy distributor.

What Does It Mean to be the Best Educational Toy Distributor?

There are a lot of factors that have to be considered before a company can be defined as among the best educational toy distributors in the area. Playing with educational toys would not only bring genuine fun but also provide a lot of benefits.

To be considered the best educational toy distributor, a company must produce toys that:

  • encourage creative and innovative thinking. The educational toys and creative games that they design and manufacture must help in the development of children’s reasoning, intuition, and perception.
  • help in the development of a child’s cognitive skills. These toys must be designed in a way that would challenge the child into thinking freely. Some of the most common toys that are specially manufactured to hone a child’s cognitive skills are puzzles and number games.
  • aid in the advancement of a child’s motor skills. The best educational toys assist in the development of children’s eye-hand coordination, along with the advancement of their cognitive skills.
  • support the development of a child’s soft skills. For children to be able to function normally later on in their lives, they must possess appropriate soft skills, which include communication, social interaction, and emotional development.
  • deliver value for money. Admit it or not, we know that our kids would only want to play with these toys for a couple years. That’s why we must also be very vigilant in investing huge amounts of money on educational toys. A great solution is to find a reliable toy company that provides quality products at reasonable rates.

The Best Educational Toy Distributors

Although there are different learning toys that are appropriate for different age groups, the following educational toy distributors can provide you with what you need. They have been known all over the world to design and manufacture toys that provide children with a firm foundation for education and learning.

Some of the best educational toy distributors we found are:

  • Lego

Almost every child in every country in the world knows this company. They are the leading manufacturers and distributors of interlocking plastic blocks that encourage both solo and group play.

This simple yet phenomenal invention inspires children in embracing their wild imaginations through creating various shapes from these plastic blocks. Because of their success, Lego has also built several amusement parks that are solely dedicated to showcasing the endless possibilities that you can do with their product.

  • Lamaze

For more than two decades, this business has been creating educational toys for infants. They are well-known for their toys that come in a variety of bright colors and carefully designed with friendly faces. Lamaze’s toys are also made from materials with varying textures to stimulate a child’s sensory development.

They seek the assistance of child development specialists all over the world in making sure that all of their products are expertly designed for the advancement of an infant’s social, fine motor, and sensory skills.

  • Melissa & Doug

Another trusted educational toy distributor is Melissa & Doug. For many years they have reinvented traditional and old-fashioned wooden toys for the modern toddlers of today. With Melissa & Doug, you can be assured that your kids’ toys are sturdy and can last a lifetime.

This trusted company also uses environment-friendly materials, which are proven and tested to be safe for babies. They boast a wide selection of educational toys such as wooden puzzles and blocks.

  • Eeboo

Most of Eeboo’s educational toys are designed to help in the development of a child’s literacy, drawing skills, story-telling, and basic math understanding. They are a proud manufacturer of 100% original and well-designed educational toys, crafts, and games.

This business specializes in manufacturing classic toys and reinventing to suit the needs of the children today. Their beautifully designed and very useful toys are also adaptable for special needs children.

  • Kid O

With Kid O’s wide selection of educational toys, children are provided with an endless possibility for both imaginative and creative play. Their well-thought-of toys come in various lively colors, shapes, and sizes.

Kid O toys also come with different built-in features that help children in honing their imaginative and discovery skills. These toys are also a perfect tool for practicing their soft skills such as communication and social interaction. They are well-known for their plastic vehicles, puzzles, and many other educational toys and games.

  • Green Toys, Inc.

If you are keen on leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint, you may want to invest in this company’s toys for your children. They are proudly among the few companies that use eco-friendly materials and recycled plastics in manufacturing their products.

Green Toys, Inc. also takes great pride in being among the market leaders in the production of timeless and classic educational toys. With this company, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for money because their toys are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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