Educational Toys Manufacturers: Most Trusted and Preferred Toy Companies

Most Trusted and Preferred Toy Companies
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When buying educational toys for babies and toddlers, the most surefire way to get the best value for money is selecting one from trusted educational toys manufacturers. In this way, we are assured that we are getting high-quality products that are specially designed to aid in the development of our child.

What makes these companies the best educational toys manufacturers is in each of the product that they send out in the market. Over the span of many years, they have produced intelligently-designed products that encourage a child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development. It is also a great defining factor that these products are made from baby-safe materials that can last for many years.

In this article, we would provide you with a list of some of the most trusted and preferred educational toys manufacturers in the market today. These companies have, for many years, manufactured a wide selection of top-sellers for babies and toddlers around the globe. Those educational toys were tested and proven to have made an impact on the child’s overall development.

The Best Educational Toys Manufacturers

  • Lego

Spanning across all nations, Lego is a very well-known company that produces plastic blocks. These interlocking blocks, which come in different colors, are among the most famous toys for toddlers and preschoolers throughout the world.

Lego sets are also a favorite among families because it encouraged both solo play and group play. It offers endless possibilities for children to hone their creative imagination and social skills.

For many years, this family-owned business has been manufacturing toys that are specially made to nurture a child’s imagination skills. They operate hundreds of retail stores and have also built several amusement parks around the world.

  • Lamaze

Lamaze toys are among those baby infant toys that you can see in almost every household. They are expertly-designed to be your baby’s companion in all of his daily discoveries. Through shared and independent play using Lamaze’s colorful toys, your baby gets to practice his social and fine motor skills as well as embrace his creative imagination.

These high-quality and brightly colored toys are designed with friendly faces in varying fabrics and contrasting patterns to expose babies to stimulate the baby’s sensory development. Each one of these toys is designed with the help of child development experts from around the globe. They have been among the favorite educational toys manufacturers for over 20 years.

  • Baby Einstein

This reliable company is also among the best educational toys manufacturers today. All of their toys are intelligently-designed to inspire and nourish the curiosity of toddlers. Baby Einstein’s toys have been around for more than two decades.

Incorporating music and arts into all of their products is what this toy company is focused on. They believe that through their colorful toys and its features, they can successfully enrich a baby’s young and developing mind.

In addition to educational toys, they also design and manufacture other essential baby products such as bouncers, jumpers, and walkers. Each product offers a multi-sensory stimulation that aims to develop the baby’s social, communication, and fine motor skills.

  • Fisher-Price

Backed by over eight decades in the toy manufacturing industry, we can all say that Fisher Price is one of the best educational toys manufacturers. This company takes great pride in designing and crafting thoughtfully-designed educational toys that help parents nurture their child’s development.

For many years, they have manufactured thousands of toys that became an instant favorite of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers across all nations. They provide safe, well-researched, and carefully tested products that bring happiness to young families.

With Fisher-Price, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible baby toy and gear for your little one.

  • Sassy

Through meticulous collaboration with early childhood development experts, Sassy has manufactured engaging and fun educational toys for many years. Their brightly colored products embody simplicity and symmetry, which stimulate the many aspects of a baby’s development.

All of Sassy’s educational toys are also made from different materials with varying textures to nourish a child’s tactile development. You can trust Sassy’s developmental toys to successfully help you in your journey to guiding your child to flourish.

Aside from toys, they have also ventured into manufacturing disposables as well as feeding and baby care that are carefully designed to be the best products for infants and toddlers.

  • Tiny Love

This multi-award winning international baby products company has been designing and manufacturing educational toys since the early ‘90s. All of their products are meticulously tested for quality and safety before hitting the shelves of local stores throughout the world.

Tiny Love, along with its experts, designs innovative and original toys and baby products to help both parents and babies genuinely enjoy the time they spend with each other. Their goal is to encourage social, physical, and cognitive development through fun playtime.

Their creative experts work hand-in-hand with child development specialists in inventing new educational toys that are in adherence to the industry’s highest quality and safety standards.

  • Melissa & Doug

For decades, Melissa & Doug has been among the leading educational toys manufacturers in the world. This company is well-known for its wooden puzzles, blocks, and various other educational toys.

Their products are intelligently designed to encourage a child’s insight and imagination. Compared to other toys that are noisy and electronic, Melissa & Doug’s toys are old-fashioned yet still offers a variety of features.

Even today, Melissa & Doug continues to produce educational toys that are traditional and mostly made from wooden materials. It is a far cry from the flashy, digitized toys that are flooding toy stores these days.

  • Brio

Another favorite educational toys manufacturer is Brio. This company stands by their mission to provide educational toys with clean and simple designs. These toys are particularly designed to spark young mind’s imagination and creativity while also adding laughter to every playtime.

Brio has a wide selection of educational toys ranging from musical instruments to toy trucks, toy cars, and much more. These toys come in various minimalist designs and bright colors that have become some of the most beloved educational toys for decades.

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