Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Review

Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Review
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It has been proven that playing is not only a way to entertain children but also a channel that we can use to help promote learning. At this age of technology, it is very easy for parents just to give their kids tablets and phones to keep them entertained.

However, some studies show that in the long run, electronics are harmful to the mental and physical development of children. This is the reason why child development experts recommend going back to the old school way of playing with toys. Nonetheless, the toys sold in the market today are now more advanced as they are also now designed to help teach children various concepts.

The Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain is one of those toys that can help develop the early development skills of a toddler so more information about this toy is provided below if in case you are on the lookout for a toy that you can give your child.

Features of the Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain

  • Made of strong, coated BPA-free ABS plastic
  • For children ages one and up
  • Comes with six dual-color discs that are either starburst or flower shaped and they are in graduating sizes
  • Some of the colors are: lime, magenta, teal, lemon, red, sky blue
  • Winner of 2016 Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award
  • Reversible base: wobbly or sturdy
  • Easy-to-release central pole


  • It’s a stacking and twirling toy in one.
  • The toy features eye-catching colors to help develop visual recognition skills.
  • This toy helps develop fine motor skills.
  • It’s safety tested to ensure that your child will not be harmed while playing.
  • Teaches counting while spinning and stacking.
  • SpinAgain helps develop children’s hand-and-eye coordination.
  • The parts of the toy are designed for small hands.
  • It aids vocabulary development by identifying colors.
  • Children with autism can play with SpinAgain without causing sensory problems.
  • Easy to clean because it’s made of plastic.
  • It does not require batteries.


  • Children may use the detachable stick like a sword, and there’s a danger that it might poke the eyes.
  • The base does not attach so when the child lifts the toy all of the discs fall off.


  • Durable: It is made of strong, coated BPA-free plastic so your children will be able to use it for a very long time and if they have outgrown it, you will be able to give it to other kids who will need it.
  • Safe: This toy is sure to be safe to play with because it has been tested by the manufacturer and also, it is the winner of 2016 Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award so this is an assurance that other parents are recommending it. In addition, it is not a choking hazard because there are no small parts and the discs are large enough not to be swallowed.
  • Educational: This product can help in children’s mental development because of its flower and starburst shapes, attractive colors and interesting texture. SpinAgain also aids learning because you can practice counting and color identification using this toy.
  • Versatile: SpinAgain is an eye-catching toy that allows children one, and up to stack and twirl in just one toy and because of this, the toy helps develop their fine motor skills. Aside from fine motor skills, this toy also encourages cause-and-effect learning, hand-and-eye coordination, tactile exploration and motor dexterity so this is perfect for all children including the ones with autism.
  • Easy-to-clean: The manufacturers of SpinAgain understands that you want to keep your children’s clean, but at the same time we want it to be easy. That’s why the material used in this toy can easily be cleaned by using soap and water; there are no special solutions required.

Comparison with Jacootoys Rainbow Stacking Ring

Jacootoys Rainbow Stacking Ring is an educational toy that shares some similarities with Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain. This is also a stackable and brightly colored toy that is eye-catching for children to help stimulate their senses.

Similarly, this toy helps in developing hand-and-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Like SpinAgain, this toy is also made of safe materials because it is made of wood and it is colored with water-based paint. Because of its material, Jacootoys Rainbow Stacking Ring is easy to clean as well. This toy can also help teach shape and size recognition for the reason that its discs are in different sizes.

As for their differences, Jacootoys Rainbow Stacking Ring is made of wood which is a more sustainable material, while, SpinAgain is made of BPA-free plastic. This toy is suitable for children three years old, and up, on the other hand, SpinAgain can be played by kids as young as one.

Although they both are stackable toys, the discs of this toy only come in one shape which is the circle. The base of this toy is not detachable, so when your child lifts it up, all the discs are going to stay in place.


Toddlerhood is one of the most critical stages in children’s development as this is the part when their brains are likened to a sponge—they can retain a lot of information. With the help of SpinAgain, a child as young a one can already be taught how to count and recognize colors.

Additionally, this toy can help develop the fine motor skills of toddlers which is very important when they start to learn how to write, draw and cut paper in school.

Furthermore, Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain has been safety-tested, and it is made of durable, BPA-free plastic because the manufacturer understands that we want our kids to play with only the safest toys.

There are a couple of drawbacks that we see in this toy, and one of them is the base which is detachable so, your child may get frustrated when all the discs fall down if he carries it around. Also, children can be imaginative sometimes so they may use the pole of the toy as a sword. However, with proper guidance, this can be prevented.

In spite of these drawbacks, we still recommend SpinAgain because its pros outweigh the cons. With good parent supervision, this toy is still going to be helpful in developing children’s skills which is very important during play.

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