Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home Review

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home Review
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Dollhouses are still among the most popular toys for toddlers even in the Digital Age because of their numerous benefits.  Children, after all, like to mimic the actions of the adults in their surroundings, especially their parents, because exploring and doing are the ways they learn the most.

The Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home is actually a dollhouse geared toward toddlers from one to five years old. Unlike the usual dollhouses with Barbie, Ken and their friends, it’s a dollhouse depicting a mother, father and their child. By playing with it, children can act out the dynamics of their family, as well as develop their creative imagination, fine motor skills, and communication skills.

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home Features

The dollhouse measures 24.2 x 5 x 15.8 inches with a weight of 1.1 pounds. This is a small dollhouse in comparison with dollhouses for older kids but it works well for the younger children.

  • Family in a dollhouse

There’s some assembly required for the dollhouse, but it is quick and easy, thanks to the detailed instructions and intuitive design. You should have an easy time determining which part goes where, especially when you have had your own dollhouses as a child.

The set comes with the dollhouse, which has its built-in appliances and furniture, as well as a standalone set of three chairs and a table. There’s also the three figures representing Mom, Dad, and Emma – or any other name your child wants to call the three figures. But these three figures are obviously meant to represent the members of a white nuclear family.

The exterior of the dollhouse is also decorated well with a brick façade, as well as flower beds and climbing plants, so that the effect is a middle-class family home in the suburbs. The stickers have already been pasted so it’s basically plug-and-play, to use a digital age term, with a bit of basic assembly needed.

The dollhouse itself is made from thick plastic with vibrant colors in pinks, greens, and yellows, which immediately attracts the kids’ attention. The built-in appliances and furniture are in different colors so kids can immediately determine which is which so they can play accordingly.

There are two levels in the dollhouse with four distinct rooms – a master bedroom, a children’s bedroom with a bunk bed, a living room, and a kitchen. The table and chairs can be placed outside the dollhouse when the three figures are eating their meals, so to speak.

We like that everything is in the right size – neither too small as to be choking hazards nor too large as to be unsuitable for small fingers.

  • Wide range of interactive features

Children are more interested in the interactive features and this Fisher-Price dollhouse definitely has plenty of them! At first, your children may just touch everything from opening and closing the doors to playing with the figures. But it’s a good thing because it’s the way they learn – by exploring. Soon, you will observe them acting out stories with the figures and performing actions with specific goals in mind, such as enjoying the silly music, sounds and phrases when they push buttons and open doors.

The fun of playing with it starts with the front door, which can be opened and closed to let the figures enter into the dollhouse. Every room has an interactive feature that will keep kids occupied for a few hours at a time.

The alarm clock, for example, can be pressed so that Emma can flip out of her bed while your child hears several fun sounds, such as “Time to get out of bed, sleepyhead!” and the usual “Rrring!” Children then learn that when the alarm clock sounds off, it’s time to wake up.

The oven and fridge doors can also be opened and closed for added interactivity. But because it’s the 21st century, opening them activates the bright lights and fun phrases, such as the color of an apple. Your children will likely pick up these phrases and add them to their own vocabulary.

Even the toilet seat can be flushed, in a manner of speaking, which is accompanied by silly sounds and phrases. There’s even one that instructs kids to wash their hands, a good tool for potty training toddlers.

The music player has four songs that children can dance along to. These tunes are quick ones, however, so pressing on them again is a must.

  • Portable design

The dollhouse can be closed with everything stored inside. There’s a durable handle that kids can use for transporting the toy when it’s closed.


  • Encourages physical, mental and social skills among children (i.e., fine motor skills, logical thinking, and communication with others)
  • Durable play set
  • Easy to assemble, transport, and store


  • Gender bias against boys due to pink colors
  • Stereotypical depiction of family


The Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home play set is an excellent dollhouse for toddlers, especially for girls, because of the wide range of its interactive features. By playing with it, children imagine the dynamics between members of the family and learn cause-and-effect relationships. Most important, children just love to play with it and that’s what parents want in toys.

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