Hape Master Workbench Kid’s Wooden Toolbench Pretend Builder Set Review

Hape Master Workbench Kid's Wooden Toolbench Pretend Builder Set Review
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Ask any parent, first time or those with a few years of experience under their belt, and they will all agree that toddlers are a handful. There’s a reason why it is commonly heard to describe tiny tots as “terrible twos” because when they get to that age it is very hard to keep them still.

A child’s attention span is very limited and they easily get bored. Finding ways to entertain them can be draining, and plopping them in front of the TV or iPad just doesn’t seem right.

Parents who would much rather choose that their toddlers do not get used to technology as a form of entertainment will be pleased to learn that educational toys are still very popular today. Although given a backseat from apps toys like the Hape Master Workbench Kid’s Wooden Toolbench Pretend Builder Set are still very handy for keeping tots entertained without giving them too much screen time. Here’s what you need to know about this particular play set.

Hape Master Workbench Kid’s Wooden Toolbench Pretend Builder Features

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Great for budding young carpenters
  • Includes 32 fun and interesting pieces
  • Height-adjustable workbench
  • Work set includes all the bolts, gears, and other parts
  • Enhances a child’s creative and kinesthetic skills
  • Best for children 36 months and other
  • All finishes are non-toxic
  • All materials are safe for children
  • Includes small pieces
  • Convenient storage space makes cleanup easier
  • Helps with tool identification
  • Uses durable wood for long-lasting play
  • Young minds are challenged and introduced to the world of building


Say goodbye to the typical educational play sets because the Hape Master Workbench Kid’s Wooden Toolbench Pretend Builder Set is uniquely entertaining. The entire workbench is set up to encourage kids 3 years and up to explore their creative side by building interesting things from scratch.

There is no limit to what toddlers can create when they have this play set at home. The legs of the wood workbench are easy to adjust so parents can increase the height as their child grows. This is a big advantage because the playset is built to last and will certainly be used for years to come.

Keeping a toddler busy is a breeze with this educational toy because there are so many things they can do. From hammering nails to pulling them out, their hands will be busy and their minds will be challenged. This workbench is unique because it focuses on a specific trade: building.

A child as young as 36 months can start recognizing tools around the house and this can lead to a useful skill when they become adults. With the different bolts and gears included, even adults are entertained during play time. It’s all good fun at home with this workbench in the playroom.

Another big advantage of this creative toy is its size. It is the perfect size that can fit in a small room and still leave enough space for toddlers and their parents to freely move around. For parents who don’t particularly enjoy the cleanup time, it is also a big advantage that all the tools and gears have a perfect and specific storage spot. No mess, no fuss, easy cleanup!


The first thing to remember about this workbench is that it contains a lot of small parts. This means it is not suitable for very young children who are prone to putting things in their mouth. The small bolts and gears can be a choking hazard so playtime needs to be monitored by a responsible adult.

There are also some instances where the legs of the workbench are not even, which causes the toy to constantly wobble. This can be due to a manufacturing defect and calling the manufacturer can help sort the issue.

When assembling the playset some people might find it difficult to put all the parts together. Since there are more than 30 pieces included in the set it can easily become complicated and messy which can be frustrating for any parent. The key is patience and a little hard work. Eventually you will assemble the toy correctly.


The Hape Master Workbench Kid’s Wooden Toolbench Pretend Builder Set is a fantastic educational toy to have at home. Toddlers develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills with the help of this toy. It may be a little expensive, but with its craftsmanship and durability, the toy can last years!

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