How Many Toys Should a Toddler Have?

How Many Toys Should a Toddler Have?
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If you have at least one toddler at your place, you’d know how quickly toys can take over all the empty spaces of your house, and why not! It is but natural that, as a parent, you’d do anything to make your child happy.

A lot of parents remain unsure that how many toys should a toddler have. They also tend to believe that the number of toys is directly proportional to the happiness of their kids.

So, they keep on piling up toys after toys for their beloved children.

But, before they know it, the excess of these toys turn into a cluttered mess that nobody enjoys, not even the children. If you are also one of such parents, you need to keep a check and balance on your toddlers’ toys.

Now, you must understand here that we are not asking you to deprive your children of their toys, but to merely limit the number.

This might not be making sense to you now, but once you are done reading this article, you’ll surely concur to our beliefs. The below-mentioned information will help you understand precisely how many toys should a toddler have and why shouldn’t you go overboard with this particular expense.

Too Many Toys Can Leave Your Child Confused

You can easily have an excess of toys in your house, not only because of the toys that you bought from stores or online but because of those as well that your children keep receiving as gifts on certain occasions. You and every other adult would think that the kids are going to love all of those toys.

However, the truth is, too many toys can easily leave your children flabbergasted, as they won’t be able to make up their minds about the ones they’d like to play with. There is also a possibility that they might end up not playing with any toy at all due to the confusion and profusion of choice.

Essential or Must-Have Toys for Toddlers

Although we are constantly stressing on getting lesser number of toys for your children, there is no specific number that you should follow. For some people, three would be sufficient, whereas, for others, even eight won’t suffice.

Moreover, it also hugely depends on your children’s personalities. Some children easily get bored with same old toys, so they need diversity, while the others stay content with even a couple of toys.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should go to either of the extremes. You need to keep it midway. Ideally, your toddlers should not have more than five to ten toys in total at a given time.

It goes without saying that as they keep wearing out, you should replace them with newer toys. But, make sure to keep the number within this limit.

Even if you have more toys than this, you can keep the additional ones for later on.

Now coming towards the types of the toys, the essential ones should include a stuffed toy, preferably a character of your child’s liking. Other than that, toys with educational value are also a good pick, such a Legos, puzzles, board games, or any other thing that stimulates your children’s imagination.

Toys with entertainment factor must also make their way to your children’s toy basket, for example, an electric train or car.

About the rest of the toys, there is no hard and fast rule about the ones that you pick. What you need to make sure is that all of the toys are diverse in nature and your child has an inclination towards them. Or, you can just let your child pick them, as it would make things easier for both of you.

Benefits of Having Lesser Toys for Your Kids

There are several benefits of giving your children fewer toys to play with. Let’s take a look at all of them.

Enhances Creativity

As we mentioned above, more toys leave your children confused and overwhelmed. This confusion also masks their creativity because they are never focused on a single toy.

They become unable to use every toy to its full potential in terms of creativity.

On the other hand, fewer toys will lead your children to run their imagination to use a single toy in various ways.

Develops a Feeling of Attachment

Having lesser things drives the children to feel more attached to them. The feeling of attachment further gives them a sense of responsibility to take care of their possessions with all their heart and soul.

Makes Children Value Their Stuff More

When children have limited stuff, they value it more in comparison to the times when they have more stuff. They also feel more associated with their toys and learn to cherish more in less.

And due to the bonding that they develop with their stuff, they make sure nothing happens to any of it.

Even if your children love breaking and misplacing their toys, once you limit the supply and stop replacing the broken ones, you will see a major change in your children’s attitude.

Room for Other Activities

Excessive toys keep the children occupied at all times, and they don’t indulge in other activities. But, having lesser toys leaves room for numerous other activities, such as reading, drawing, writing, or just being creative with anything else.

So, in a nutshell, you can say, too many toys can kill your children’s creativity.

How Many Toys Should a Toddler Have: Conclusion

It is perfectly normal to wonder how many toys should a toddler have, considering that it has the propensity to meddle with your children’s mental, cognitive, and emotional development. While a room full of toys may seem like a harmless way of fun and entertainment for your children, it can severely affect their personality and creativity in a negative way.

If you want to shape up your children as responsible, smart, and creative beings, you should restrict the number of toys they own. This may seem a bit harsh at first if you are not used to it, but believe us; the outcomes are going to be worth it.

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