How To Help Toddler Learn To Talk: Tested and Proven Techniques

How To Help Toddler Learn To Talk
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The early life of a toddler is considered very crucial in his or her overall physical, emotional, and cognitive development. It is our task as the grown-ups to guide onto the right path for them to realize their full potential. If you are wondering how to help toddler learn to talk, go over this article to find out.

A lot of different milestones are going to happen in the first years of a toddler’s life. One of the major milestones that open the toddler’s world into a world full of endless possibilities is when he or she learns how to talk.

You, as an adult, can contribute to or delay a toddler’s speaking abilities. Toddlers learn to talk by mimicking sounds and lip movements from other persons they interact with. The frequency in which we spend our time speaking with our babies can make a great impact in the development of his or her speaking abilities.

Additionally, the way we speak with our babies is also of great importance. Experts from all over the world discourage the use of baby language when speaking with toddlers. Here are other proven tips and reliable advice to help you help your toddler learn to speak:

 How To Help Toddler Learn To Talk: What You Can Do

Across the world and through time, there have been a lot of tested and proven ways with which we can help toddlers in developing their communication skills.

  • To encourage your toddler to speak, spend as much time as you possibly can in making conversations with him or her. Always make sure that you look genuinely interested in what he or she is saying, even when you sometimes can’t understand it.
  • Making your toddler feel confident in expressing his or her thoughts is a great help in the learning process. Focus more on what he or she is trying to say, once you have understood it, acknowledge it, and then that’s the time that you introduce the word he or she was just describing.
  • To get him or her to learn new words, let your toddler see what you are trying to say by matching your words with actions.
  • Acknowledgement of what the toddler is trying to say and then correcting it by pronouncing it the proper way is a great way to let them know the correct pronunciation of words
  • Expose your toddler to new situations and objects in order to introduce his or her to new words and information.
  • Simplify your speech but do not engage in baby talk. Emphasize on the most important information and use simple short sentences.
  • It is also advisable to make sure that you have the toddler’s complete attention by calling out his or her name first in order for her to fully understand that you are about to say something important.
  • Always find ways to introduce new words to your toddler. You can do this by continuously speaking with her just as you would speak when talking with a grown-up.
  • Engage them in a conversation when eating, in the car, while playing, and when they are about to sleep. Reading bedtime stories, even when they do not fully understand the plot yet, is a tested and proven way to help them learn to speak.
  • It is also smart to invest in various educational toys ( that are specially designed to help toddlers learn to talk. There hundreds of different educational toys that are available in the market that aim to assist in a toddler’s journey to speaking.

How To Help Toddler Learn To Talk: What You Should Not Do

Toddlers learn to speak by imitating the way the people around them speak. They carefully watch, listen, and repeat everything that is being spoken to and around them. Language is not a learned skill but rather an acquired knowledge. We are all capable of acquiring any language that we are exposed to. Some of the things that we are discouraged to do when trying to teach a toddler to talk are:

  • Do not engage in baby talk. What you give to your toddler is what he or she is going to get. Baby talk may be cute for some, but it actually hinders the child in developing his or her communication skills.
  • Do not speak to your child in different languages when there is not an established mother tongue yet. Let them learn one mother tongue before teaching them another language.

According to linguists, it can take about a couple of months for a toddler to create his or her own knowledge base in order to decipher and understand speech. Let him master one mother tongue before introducing another language.

  • Do not encourage too much use of computers, tablets, or TV. While there are educational programs that can help your child to develop his communication skills, most TV shows do not really interact with or respond to them.
  • Do not isolate them from the outside world. As much as possible, take them out on field trips to introduce them to new things and situations.
  • Refrain from criticizing the way they express themselves. We all want our kids to be able to say what they really mean. Criticizing the way they speak might hinder them from speaking altogether therefore not giving them the chance to practice and improve their communication skills.

Being responsible for the development of another human being is a big task that we should all be prepared for. Having the knowledge about how to help toddler learn to talk is only the beginning of a much more complex and challenging journey.

To succeed in this task, always keep in mind that you and every single adult that he interacts with are what your toddler look up to. Whatever you say or do around him is what’s to become his right and wrong. Additionally, just like any other relationships, teaching a child to speak requires an ample lot of communication between you and your toddler.

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