How to Make Learning Fun for Toddlers: What You Need to Know

How to Make Learning Fun for Toddlers: What You Need to Know
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If we have to be honest with ourselves, learning can be exhausting, yet at the same time, it can be boring, even for adults. Imagine how toddlers feel when faced with learning activities? That is why you have to know how to make learning fun for toddlers.

Learning at this age is critical for them because it is their foundation for life and also their foundation for school. Learning at this stage is also important because it is what separates the scientists from the school dropout.

Formal or Informal?

Some toddlers are taught at home, and others are in preschool. Regardless, teachers and parents should both try to create some structure and balance in their lives without the activities presented to them being too formal.

Just like adults can learn out of the classroom, the same can be said for toddlers. In fact, they actually learn at home first, without having had the formal training of the education system.

Formal training can be a bit much for them at this age. It is important that you change it up, even if you’re a teacher.

What to Do?

Really, it does not take much to entertain or excite kids. A simple trip to the grocery store or a walk around your neighborhood is a genuine adventure for them, especially if they can tell their friends or others about it.

Television at this age can be addictive, but there are programs that are tailored to meet the learning needs of the toddler. These programs have singing and dancing and are filled with colors, letters, numbers, and shapes.

So, rather than just having one fun activity for your toddler, there are several activities as well as learning methods that you can use to engage them and capture their attention. Below are just a few activities you should like if you are interested in knowing how to make learning fun for toddlers.


If you are trying to figure out how to make learning fun for toddlers, then doing arts and craft is a good activity to engage them in. It not only fosters their learning by challenging their creativity and teaching them patience, but it helps them to keep active. Toddlers are very active and engaging them in “craft” is a good way to channel their energy.

So, if you are going to do craft activities with them, please ensure that the materials they use are toxic free as they often like to touch and taste things. You can create textures by sticking pipe cleaners on letters and numbers or cotton balls on animals.

You can even consider using craft to spell out their name. Seeing it repeatedly and tracing their fingers over words and number will help them to remember the shapes.


If you have ever gone on YouTube, you will notice that there are many channels dedicated to nursery rhymes. In fact, some parents play nursery rhymes for their kids all the time and have them watch these videos.

The kids are able to learn words and songs are easy to learn and remember. Professionals claim that toddlers are able to learn 9 words each day.

Children learn best through the song because it is repetitive and repetition aids and reinforces the learning process. The easiest song in the repertoire of nursery rhymes is probably the alphabet, and there are so many variations that also pronounce sound.

Further, they could learn about the parts of their bodies by singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.”

Real World Scenarios

Channeling real-world scenarios is sort of an easy way for children to learn. A simple activity like taking a walk with your toddler can be so much fun for them. They see the world as a big adventure.

If you take the same walk multiple times, you can point out several objects to your child, identify colors and shapes. If your kid has a fire truck, whenever walking around town, if there is a fire station, you can point it out as a place of interest.

Eventually, your child would be able to point out things on their own and even navigate town (you should never let them do it alone). Going for a walk will then become an adventure.

After a few walks of pointing out places and things of interest to your toddler, on the next walk, you can probably quiz him or her to find out what s/he remembers.

Letters and Numbers

Once they know the alphabet song, you can probably introduce an alphabet chart or block with letters on them. Some parents have letter and number magnets on their fridges so their kids can toggle them and make words or even put them in order.

Doing that is actually a fun activity for kids and also some adults. So, if you have these and your kid can identify letters, you can use the magnets or blocks to help them spell out their name

Counting may be a bit too advanced for the usual toddler, but you can get them to identify numbers and then help them to count a little by using your fingers and mirroring the numbers. A fun exercise in numbers and letters is to try to get the kids to identify them on number plates and objects.


Don’t panic! All should be well so long as you supervise your kid in the kitchen. Baking is fun for them as they get to see what is in their favorite treat. If you are baking cookies, you can get some cutters that have different shapes so they can identify with circles, squares, and hearts.

You can even do this with their pancakes, sandwiches and some of their vegetables. They learn shapes, yet at the same time, they eat! So, it is a winning situation.

How to Make Learning Fun for Toddlers: Final Ideas

Entertaining your toddler can be so easy just because they are easily fascinated. Get them some colored stickers with colored paper and test their ability to match colors.

You can also give your child chalk with a chalkboard, so s/he can write on it or even on the sidewalk or your driveway. There are so many ways to make learning fun for them.

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