How To Make Toddler Learn Alphabets: Simple and Easy Ways

How To Make Toddler Learn Alphabets
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Being responsible for the development of another human being can sometimes be too overwhelming for new and experienced parents alike. A lot of things have to be considered in order to be successful in this very challenging task. This is also the reason why educating yourself how to make toddler learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors is essential in helping him develop to his full potential.

In the early years of a child’s life, his mind is said to be a sponge—absorbing every bit of information that he is exposed to every single minute of his every day. There are a lot of tested and proven ways in order to teach a child his ABCs, numbers, colors, and shapes.

Across the globe and throughout a very long time, there have been a number of techniques that successfully contributed to the cognitive development of a child. In this article, we would focus on how to make toddler learn alphabets in very simple and easy ways.

Among these trusted techniques include constantly engaging them in fun and challenging educational activities as well as incorporating their ABCs into every aspect of their waking life such as while eating and playing. The use of songs and various educational toys ( have also been very effective in helping children learn their alphabet.

Some of the techniques included in this article might or might not work with your child. It is very important that you spend extra time in making sure that every lesson is personalized to your child’s preferred learning style. You can find out more about this by paying attention to what interests him the most and what gets him bored easily.

Tested and Proven Techniques

  • Teach him songs and rhymes. A good start to help your toddler learn the alphabet is teaching him the ABC song. This has been a proven technique in helping children be familiarized with their phonemics. Once you’ve taught him the ABC song, you are all set to master new songs and rhymes.
  • Use tools such as foam letters to teach him how each letter looks like. While singing the ABC song, show him each corresponding foam letter. You can also find various educational toys on the market that will help you achieve this.
  • Read him bedtime stories. While going through the story, show him what you are reading. This will help the child to become familiarized with how the letters look like and how each of them sounds like when formed into a word.
  • Play alphabet games with your toddler. In addition to teaching him songs and rhymes, you can also turn your alphabet learning lessons into fun and engaging educational games. For example, you can hide his foam letters around the house and ask him to help you find the letter A, B, C…
  • Teach him his ABCs even when outside the house. You can find letters in almost anything from storefronts to restaurant menus. Whenever possible, show him these letters and engage him in a conversation about what those letters sound like and what they spell out.

Invest in room decorations and/or refrigerator magnets that show the alphabet. In this way, his ABCs will constantly be in his presence and therefore arousing interest wherever he is and whatever he is doing.

When he shows disinterest in practicing his ABCs, learn to incorporate the alphabet into whatever he is interested in at the time. For example, if he spends a lot of time playing with toy cars, tape cut-out ABCs on the back of each car and come up with games using those very cars.

How to Make Toddler Learn Alphabets: What You Should Refrain From Doing

It may be too overwhelming for some toddlers to be bombarded with a lot of information at the same time. They might quickly lose interest when not enough variety is given, and their learning style is not taken into consideration. To ensure that he is learning what you are trying to teach him, refrain from doing these things as much as possible:

  • Do not expect him to understand what you’re teaching almost instantly. Each child has his own way of learning new things. In order to be successful in teaching him the ABCs, find out what spikes up his interests and use that to your advantage.
  • Using traditional, by-the-book worksheets when your child does not even enjoy it. Children love playing and having them sit down in front of a worksheet most probably won’t give you any results.
  • Not providing him enough hands-on teaching might be what hinders your child in learning his alphabets. Incorporate sensory and fine motor activities into his alphabet lessons to achieve the best results.
  • Do not use the same teaching technique over and over again. In order to not lose his interest in learning the alphabet, you have to come up with a variety of techniques and/or games.
  • Not interacting with and responding to your child can also be a great factor that can affect the way he learns. Treat your child as you would treat anyone you are trying to teach a new concept to. Listen and watch out for how he reacts to your lessons.
  • Not giving him enough time to learn. One useful tip is to introduce the letters in groups. You may want to start introducing him to the letters that spell out his name. After which, you may try teaching only the first five letters and then go on from there.

What we can take from this article is that not all toddlers learn the same way as the other. The most important thing that we have to do is to interact with and respond to the things that interest them and incorporate those into our lessons. Using different ways, techniques, and games to teach the ABCs also delivers guaranteed results.

It may be a tedious and tiring work, but through the use of educational toys, crafts, songs, rhymes, and videos, everyone can be successful in teaching a child his alphabet.

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