Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set Review

Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set Review
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There are hundreds and thousands of educational toys available on the market today, and really, choosing the best ones has become a chore for most parents. They want value for their money, so they want something that both them and the kids would benefit from.

To simplify the choosing process, parents should have a complete list of what they both want and need in educational toys.

However, some educational toys really nailed it. It’s like their manufacturer knows each child and parent by heart, and took into consideration all their pain and frustrations when they are designing and creating their educational toys. Name it; they have it!

One of these all-in-one toys is Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set. Children will not be able to get enough of this toy, and parents will definitely love the quiet time this toy would be able to provide them while their young ones are busy.

With this toy set, parents might not need to buy another set of educational toys for several months.



Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set can do more than teach children advanced color recognition, shape recognition, and counting. The stackable blocks with peg fit their tiny hands perfectly; thereby also assisting in the development of their motor skills.

This toy set also encourages imagination and creativity as toddlers could use it for a number of activities. They can stack the pegs by any order, they can use them as bath toys, they can tie them together, and the list goes on.

They can use it with adult supervision or even with mom and dad just looking at them from across the room because it is safe to use. The parts are made of plastic and foam that are non-toxic, BPA-free, and lead-free.

Parents could opt to get involved and guide the children through play as it comes with an activity guide. It should come in handy when the players get tired of playing the same kind of game using the toy set. The possibilities are endless.

  • Comes with 36 pegs of six colors and six shapes
  • Made of good quality materials: plastic, treading string, foam board
  • Has an activity guide for parents
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Can be used as bath toys
  • Comes with a travel backpack, making it portable
  • All parts and features are safe for children. 


Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set has a long list of advantages, but the most important ones are the following:

It teaches through play.

Children learn and absorb more information when they are in a positive emotional and psychological state. Using educational toys that they really love and enjoy would stimulate their minds and would help them retain information better.

This toy set does not only teach them shapes, colors, and numbers. It also teaches them practical things like threading, putting things on top of the other, balancing the pegs when the stack becomes too high, to name a few.

It promotes parent-child bonding.

This is one of its most essential advantages of this toy set. Adult supervision is not required, but it is definitely encouraged. This is the reason why the manufacturer provides an activity guide.

Parents are invited to get involved with play and in the learning process. This also fosters a good relationship between the children and their parents.

It is important to note that children are building their character at this stage in their lives, and having their parents around would surely have positive effects on their emotional and psychological development.

It is affordable, yet made of high-quality and safe materials.

Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set is an all-in-one toy so people might expect that it is costly. However, this toy set is worth every penny! The materials used and the design itself is child-friendly.

There is no choking hazard, there are no hard parts that could hurt other people badly or break home decorations, and everything in the toy set is BPA- and lead-free. 


Nevertheless, this toy set also has some minor disadvantages:

It should be kept as soon as children are done playing, as they could hurt the feet when stepped on.

Just like any other toy, even popular and expensive ones could hurt the feet when stepped on. Hence, it is vital that this toy set, especially the pegs, is put in the storage backpack as soon as the children are done playing.

This is an excellent opportunity to teach young children to clean up and to help develop their empathic skills.

Some activities that could be done with the toy set is not for younger toddlers.

There are more complicated activities that children can do with Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set that are not for younger toddlers aged three and below. Nevertheless, they can still gain the benefits of this toy by playing it any way they want.

Since the toy set is durable, it can last for several years or until such time that the child is able to maximize the educational benefits of it.

The base needs to be more sturdy.

The intention of having a foam board instead of a wooden board or board made of more substantial materials is good. However, it poses an issue on the stability of the stacked pegs especially if they become too high. This is something that the manufacturer can improve on. 


Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set teaches through play, promotes parent-child bonding, is worth its price, and is made of durable and high-quality materials. However, users should take caution when the pegs are being played on the floor, so accidental stepping on them, which could be painful, will be avoided.

The manufacturer could also improve the stability of the base of the toy set while still ensuring that it will still be safe for kids. 


This toy set can be compared to a lot of other similar products like the wooden Lewo Wooden Puzzle which teaches different shapes and colors. It also develops the child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Nevertheless, Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set still stands out because of how long it can be useful for toddlers. Children as young as 18 months could start using it, and they can use for years to come since there’s a long list of activities that can be done with the toy set. 

The Verdict

Some parents would prefer getting more inexpensive education toys for their children. Others would prefer those that only focus on either counting numbers or identifying colors and shapes.

This is understandable. However, Lacing Shapes and Colors Pegboard Building Puzzle Set will give more value to their money.

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