Learn Through Play with Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags

Learn Through Play with Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags
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Toys today have become so complicated even for toddlers. And it is interesting to see how these little ones cope with the technological advances that are happening in the world today. Yet parents believe that too much computer exposure is not only harmful to their children’s eyesight but to other aspects of development.

As research shows, electronic devices do not teach children the concept of sharing and creative thinking. That is why some kids tend to be autistic and only focus on themselves when playing with these kinds of devices. That is also why simple yet educational toys are very important at this age.

Simple toys are created for entry-level kids in school. As children become very curious in their everyday life, they tend to wander off and pretend play. In the market, simple yet educational toys are already making its way in harnessing cognitive and motor development which is not offered by electronics.

When kids play together with toys, they learn to interact, talk and deal with others really well in the future. That is why playgroups are also very important because this teaches each child the value of relationship and sharing. Toys that are colorful and attractive for every child is very important in increasing the attention span as well.

Educational toys such as the Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags are important especially if the child is not yet attending preschool. Children are not aware that by simply playing these kinds of toys will further enhance their motor and intellectual skills.

If playing in a group, the kids will be able to socialize which is very crucial in developing their emotional intelligence. That is why companies love to connect play and learning because it is proven to be very effective. Aside from that, toddlers also use mini-games for these toys and can be so much fun.  If toddlers are still not attending formal schooling, this product can help him or her identify different shapes and colors easily.

TheEducational Insights Shapes Beanbags are made of soft and smooth materials perfect for a child’s touch and grip. There are 8 small bean bags that the toddler can enjoy playing with. These are also washable which makes it easy to use. The beanbags can easily be stored in its drawstring bag.

Moreover, these toys are very lightweight and have bright colors which are definitely appealing to young minds. The names of the shapes are also written on each piece so it will be convenient for the kids to recall. Color and shape recognition are the learning focus of this product.


  • Soft material for small kids
  • Eight bean bags with different colors and shapes
  • Washable felt bean bags
  • Lightweight
  • Has a drawstring bag to store the small pieces
  • Bright colors for easy learning
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Not good for children below 3 years old
  • Stitches gets loose after prolonged use
  • Too small than advertised images

The Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags are beautiful toys for children. But since the bags are very small compared to the images shown on ads, these are not safe for kids below three years of age. It may be swallowed and put a child’s life at risk if left unsupervised. Another thing is that if used every single day, the stitches might come off. The materials inside will be exposed, and the child might pull these out due to curiosity.

Aside from the product being damaged, it might also cause health problems for small children. Parents can just sew the stitches back, but it is very tedious. In buying any product, a user must see to it that everything is in tip-top condition. It will only defeat the purpose of buying a new item.

This product can be compared with Colors Bean Bags Assorted 12 pc 5”in by Oojami. The Oojami brand is inexpensive and very handy. The color words are written on each beanbag which makes it easy and fun for kids to learn and play.

Furthermore, the beanbags are also made of nylon and have a small sling bag for storage. It has twelve colors: Turquoise, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, green, black, brown, white, pink, and gray. Preschoolers will find it fun to learn and play at the same time. Color matching and other learning games are best for this product. The only downfall of this product is that it is very thin. But not really a problem with toddlers as they just like to hold and toss it around.

Both products are very good and can help in childhood development. The qualities of materials used are also great for busy little hands.  Children will definitely love to play and learn with these toys. Colors are bright, and recognition can easily be done.

But overall, the Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags is a better option. This is because the beanbags have the shapes of what is written on them. It will be easier for toddlers to recognize shapes and colors as well. Although these are very small, for little hands these toys are perfect. But also, due to the small size, toddlers should be supervised while playing. Choking is indeed a health hazard if a child accidentally puts it inside the mouth. Just like any toy in the market, an adult should be around during use to avoid mishaps.

So if you have a toddler, it is okay to purchase the Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags for fun and easy learning. Teachers can also find this a great addition in the classroom. It is easy to use, and the product also comes with a teacher’s guide. Different games can be played, and since it has a storage bag, kids can learn how to be neat and “pack up.”

If playing in a group, kids can learn how to wait and share the toys. The Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags is a total package already. In a few weeks and months of playing the beanbags, positive development can be seen in your child.

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