Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys Review

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys Review
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Before you had your baby, maybe you thought that baby toys are a trivial matter. How could choosing a toy for a small person be hard at all, right? But now that you have a little baby crawling all over the place and basking in the tub, the difficulty of choosing the right type of toy seems to have multiplied! Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys can be a great toy to consider to keep your little angel occupied while bathing.

Squeaky rubber ducks are a classic choice to keep your baby busy while you are maintaining his hygiene. But do you really need to take that much time in selecting the right toy for your young one? Let’s find out!

Toys and Toddlers

For babies and toddlers, toys are not just “toys.” With our adult mindset, we often miniaturize the things that are important for babies. We tend to ignore the significance of toys in their development. For adults, learning to play an instrument or a sport is something important. The equivalent of adult activities to baby activities is playing with toys. The type of toys you introduce to a baby has an impact on the motor and mental development of a child.

Well, you can’t teach a baby to play a musical instrument and expect him to perform well. But, you can introduce toys that improve manual dexterity that can increase the fine motor development that could give an upper hand in developing advanced skills in the early stage of life.

Colorful Toys

Have you noticed how colorful baby toys are? Well, that is to capture their attention! Colorful toys are a great way to stimulate the child’s interest and engage them to play. Young babies do not see the full range of color yet. The bright colors are intended to expose the cones and rods of the eyes to intense colors and train them to see and differentiate them.

Squeaky Toys

Babies are not articulate yet. The only way they communicate is thru cooing, crying, and making giggly sounds. The sound these toys make can be a source of fun and enjoyment for babies. Squeaky toys also capture their full attention and stimulate them to respond by mimicking the sound it makes.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hoops, blocks, and shape-sorting toys are a great way to improve hand and eye coordination for toddlers. Developing hand-eye coordination early on can help your baby learn proprioception. Having knowledge of the body position and movements can help your baby learn how to balance quickly. This can also advance the development of gross and fine motor skills faster.

Imaginative Play

Remember how much time you spent playing action figures or dolls when you were young? How about, playing make-believe? Well, we can’t really know the exact thought process inside the mind of a child while playing with toys. However, we do know that they are using their imagination while playing. This is why the outward appearance, shape, color, sound, and other tricks a toy could do are crucial.

Toys Are Not Just Toys

The baby’s world revolves around feeding and playtime. The toys you introduce to your little one can affect their mood. A happy baby will surely have a higher emotional quotient while growing up. This means that every toy you give and every food you feed will have a great impact on your baby’s future!

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Nuby is a sensible company that manufactures toys for babies and toddlers to help children and parents to have an easy and fun life together. Every toy they design and produce undergoes strict quality control and only involves materials that are safe for your baby.

They have been delivering toys that stimulate the imagination and help develop skills of babies faster for almost 50 years now. Through research and careful testing, they have become proficient in their trade and have managed to be known as one of the world’s leading brand. Therefore, you can be sure that this octopus floating bath toy is designed to give your child a fun learning experience.


This octopus toy is a great way to engage your baby while bathing in the tub or playing in the pool. The design and theme of this toy are coherent with pool activities as it is designed to be easily associated with water. The friendly face of the octopus is non-threatening and encourages playtime. It floats in the water and comes with three little hoops that your little one can hook on its tentacles.

The three hoops come in different designs; a lifebuoy, a star, and a fish. The nature of the design and intended play encourage the development of hand and eye coordination while having fun. The color and shape of the hoops promote imaginative play as well.

Most Importantly, this product is free of BPA and you don’t have to worry about your baby accidentally chewing this toy!


  • Floats in water
  • BPA-free material
  • Comes with three hoops in different designs
  • The color scheme stimulates improvement and development of vision
  • Can be used during bathing time and pool play
  • Friendly design
  • This product is affordable.


  • Strangely, this octopus only has six legs.
  • The texture of the toy is a little hard and may hurt your feet when you accidentally step on it.


This toy can help make bath time a breeze as it keeps your little one occupied while cleaning him off. It works well in the pool too. The manufacturer carefully chose the types of materials to be used and made sure that it is BPA-free. The nature of this toy helps children further develop fine and gross motor skills. Overall, this toy can bring hours of fun to your young one!


Other toy companies also favor the octopus for a hoop and shoot toy design. Alex Toys also manufactures a similarly designed toy that follows the same play style. However, the outdated 2D design makes it look unrealistic and flimsy. The rubber-like material that they used is also subject to faster wear and tear, which can harbor microorganisms in the long run and may pose a health risk.

On the other hand, Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys is a lot easier to clean and would not have nicks on the surface.


If you have an 18-month-old baby or above who is wildly moving around bathing time, buying the Nuby’s toy is a great way to keep him occupied. This is also a good toy to stimulate imaginative play and develop fine and gross motor skills faster. A preoccupied toddler would be deeply immersed in his playtime world and would mean no puddles in the bathroom while bathing!

Additionally, because of the BPA-free material used, Nuby’s Octopus is easy to clean and would not harbor microorganisms, which made it a far better choice than the Alex Toys’ version.

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