Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym Review

Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym Review
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Sometimes even a full-time parent requires some assistance in entertaining their baby. Whether if it’s for a few minutes of relaxation while watching their babies play by themselves, or just have a nice meal without a baby attached on their hip, the parent of newborn will eventually need a break from their bundle of joy.

Keeping a baby in one place for a prolonged period is physically impossible, all parents will attest to this. They will either cry for attention or try to wiggle out of the spot.

This won’t happen as often if there is something to distract them while they are lying down. Educational toys and activity mats with all sorts of fun attachments are very popular with parents because they have proven to be both entertaining and mentally stimulating.

A baby can lie longer when they have something like the Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym to occupy their minds. Learn more about this educational mat and what delights it offers babies and their parents here.

Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym Features

  • Textured with various fabrics
  • Entertaining activity mat
  • Toys included: tree trunk with baby safe mirror; squeaking flower; crinkling leaves
  • 5 multi-sensory toys hanging overhead
  • Perfect for babies 0 months and over
  • Total of 17 different developmental activities
  • Round mat surface is oversized for extra playing area
  • Nature inspired theme
  • 13 loops for hanging toys high and low
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes a supportive tummy pillow
  • Only used on floor
  • High safety standard rating
  • Machine-washer friendly (just remove mirror)


The biggest advantage of the Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym is that it is very safe and even newborn babies can be placed on the activity mat. Although babies should never be left alone while on the activity mat, it is a great spot for them to rest on.

The supportive tummy pillow is a big bonus because it makes the activity mat practical and comfortable as well. Something as simple as the crinkle paper on the mat adds value because it keeps babies entertained even if they aren’t aware of what they are doing.

The nature-inspired patterns and fabrics with different textures are also very pleasing to the eyes for parents. The cute animal toys hanging from the bar are all intriguing and easily hold the attention of a baby. Another plus to consider is the extended play area.

The extra space allows babies to have a wider area to play in a clean and safe space. The different textures and sounds give babies a chance to explore their surroundings and their sense of touch and hearing in a safe area which is great for encouraging early mental development.

It is also a big advantage that the play mat is washing machine friendly. This allows parents to feel secure that their baby’s play area is clean at all times. Small spills and accidents are easily washed away and the mat is clean and fresh once more. Finally, this play area is very easy to set up; there is no need for intricate instructions that take time and patience. It is set on the floor and ready to use within just 2 minutes, it is that convenient.


Although this educational toy is very popular for parents with newborn babies it isn’t as interesting or entertaining for toddlers. It is limited to babies who have yet to learn how to crawl as the toys, squeakers, and hanging animals become less interesting to older children.

The colorful toys hanging over the play mat can also be very overwhelming to some babies. The animals and different toys may look threatening as they loom over a baby. This can be an issue, but is easily remedied by removing the hanging toys.

Tummy time with a crinkle sheet is also a bit distracting and uncomfortable for some babies. They struggle, fuss, and ultimately prefer a clean blanket instead. Some babies eventually grow out of it, but for some, the mat just doesn’t work.


The Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym is one of the cutest play mats on the market today. It is very entertaining and interactive and most babies simply enjoy spending time on the mat. This is a great way to create a safe and clean place for your baby while they learn more about their senses. Plus, parents can just sit back, relax, and watch their babies have fun.

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