Skip Hop Explore-and-More Amazing Arch Activity Gym Review

Skip Hop Explore-and-More Amazing Arch Activity Gym Review
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Babies seem to grow much faster than their parents would like them to be! While your back was turned, your infant seemed to have grown into a toddler who can sit on his own. But even when it’s just your perception, you will still want toys that will grow with your baby from his infancy to his toddlerhood, preferably without complicated set-ups.

The Skip Hop Explore-and-More Amazing Arch Activity Gym may be one of your best choices as a multi-stage toy for your child. Think of it as an educational toy that will provide your child with plenty of enjoyable learning opportunities – but he doesn’t know it, of course!

Skip Hop Explore-and-More Amazing Arch Activity Gym Features

The activity gym consists of two main components, namely, the arch and the floor mat.  The rigid round frame around the floor mat makes it stay put even when your baby starts becoming active while the rigid arch can be folded up or down depending on the desired use.

This is suitable for infants and toddlers up to three years old. The activity gym measures 38 x 38 x 20 inches.

  • Three-way use

Don’t be fooled by its apparently simple design because it has an ingenious design that makes it a satisfactory multi-stage activity gym for children. You can set it up in two ways depending on your baby’s age: first, place the arch in an overhead position and, second, place it on the floor.

By doing so, your child can use it in three ways. When the arch is in its overhead position, your baby can look at it while he’s lying on his stomach and, thus, be entertained by the numerous toys hanging from it. When it’s on its floor position, your baby or toddler can play with it while lying on his stomach or while in a sitting position.

Obviously, the overhead position is suitable for infants who cannot support their head while lying on their stomachs. The floor position is more appropriate for older babies and toddlers. Talk about an activity gym growing with your child!

  • Wide variety of developmental activities

Even with its relatively small size, the activity gym offers its players a wide range of stimulating activities. The arch itself has a large mirror at the center where your baby can see himself – and we know how babies love to look at and talk to themselves, as well as discover their body parts. Don’t worry as the mirror isn’t hazardous because it cannot be easily broken, although parental supervision is still necessary.

There are several toys that can be activated by simple actions that an older baby can perform. These include the sound-activated fox with dancing motions, the peekaboo howl with its hooting sound when its string is pulled, and the hedgehog with its musical tune. There’s also a spinning ball with lights that will surely entertain your baby!

The music doesn’t play in a prolonged manner so you or your baby has to perform the action that will activate it again. The quick tune may or may not be a convenient feature for parents –it may be great if you’re the type who doesn’t like repetitive annoying baby sounds, for example.

The activity gym can also be paired with the collection in the Explore & More set. This expands the set’s opportunities for play.

This requires three AAA-sized batteries, by the way, which aren’t included. You may find it inconvenient since you have to make a separate purchase, not to mention that only the battery on the fox can be replaced. The batteries on the hedgehog, owl, and the spinning light cannot be replaced.

  • Comes with soft mat

The soft mat has sufficient cushioning so that your baby will be comfortable while lying down or sitting on it. It has crinkle flaps that make it easy to smooth out, but we love the colorful prints on it more. Your baby will find the whimsical prints on the floor mat just as exciting as the toys on the arch, so you may want to point them out, too.

The floor mat, as well as the arch and its toys, are all safe for babies. The materials used don’t contain harmful chemicals banned by regulatory agencies in baby products, such as BPA, PVC and phthalates.

  • With parent pocket

There’s even a parent pocket where you can slip your smartphone so that it can automatically take pictures of your baby!


  • Multiple ways to use it from infants to toddlers
  • Cushioned mat with rigid arch filled with toys
  • Provides children with stimulating activities, which are both enjoyable and educational
  • Parent pocket is a great feature for parents who like to take videos and photos of their children
  • Built for several years of use
  • Relatively portable


  • Battery cannot be replaced in many of the toys


The Skip Hop Explore-and-More Amazing Arch Activity Gym is a wise investment in this type of children’s toy, partly because it can be a child’s toy from his earliest months until he can sit on his own (i.e., value for the money). It’s a great educational toy for developing your child’s physical and mental skills, from reaching up to pull the string to learning cause-and-effect relationships.

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