Top Five Educational Toy Brands in the Market Today

Top Five Educational Toy Brands in the Market Today
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Before children attend primary school, they first learn a lot of things at home. Toddlers learn through interaction with parents and siblings as well as through playing with toys. This simple fact inspired all educational toy brands across the globe to provide fun, educational toys that boost a child’s overall development.

The reality that toddlers learn through playing makes it extremely important to invest in only the most useful and age-appropriate educational toys that encourage cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

There are a number of educational toy brands in the market today that are competing to be the number one preferred toy brand for parents and their young children. Each one offers a feature that will surely make you and your little one fall in love.

When choosing an educational toy for a toddler, there are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration such as the materials used in the manufacturing of the toys and what these toys can offer. Nowadays, parents are becoming ever more vigilant in making sure that the toys they invest in are made from materials that are safe for babies and young children. Some parents are also very particular with companies that make use of recycled and recyclable materials.

In this article, we will discuss the top five educational toy brands that deliver results when it comes to a child’s physical, mental, and cognitive development. These toy brands are carefully selected and researched to provide you with a reliable list of the best brands for babies and toddlers.

Best Educational Toy Brands for Infants and Toddlers

  • Eeboo

This trusted toy manufacturer is among the best educational toy brands that specialize in creating well-designed games, toys, and crafts that are 100% original. Most of their educational toys are focused on literacy, drawing, story-telling, basic math, and imaginative play. This toy brand also boasts having numerous games, toys, and crafts that have been awarded Oppenheim Best Toy Awards.

Eeboo’s high-quality products are inspired by old-fashioned and traditional educational games, toys, and crafts that were carefully and intelligently reinvented for the kids of today. Their experts made this possible through incorporating cheerful artwork and contemporary design into their products. Their toys are also adaptable for children with special needs.

This toy manufacturing company is also one of the trusted educational toy brands today that offer well-made and sturdy toys which are made from green products. About 90% of the paper products that come with an Eeboo toy is made from recycled materials. They also use soy-based inks that are guaranteed to be safe for babies and toddlers.

  • Plan Toys

Plan Toys is a preferred toy brand by most parents because their toys are made from natural and non-toxic materials such as organic rubberwood. This highly regarded toy manufacturing company is committed to providing young children with high-quality, wooden products that are innovative and effective in guiding them through their developmental stage.

Since its establishment in 1981, the creative experts of Plan Toys have been focused on designing and manufacturing educational toys that inspire children to embrace their imaginations. This company also takes into consideration the promotion of a child’s physical and intellectual development.

Plan Toys also takes great pride in being among the market leaders in manufacturing educational toys that are made from environment-friendly products. Their experts use untreated, natural, and clean rubberwood as well as soy- and water-based inks, non-toxic glue, lead-free dyes, and recycled materials.

  • Green Toys, Inc.

Green Toys, Inc. proudly offers timeless and classic educational children’s toys that are made from environment-friendly materials and recycled plastics. They are among the best toy brands that are committed to making sure that they reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and the use of fossil fuel.

In addition to using recycled materials in manufacturing educational toys, games, and crafts, they also incorporate the use of eco-friendly packaging. Their products are sold and delivered packed in recycled boxes that have no cellophane and plastics.

Because Green Toys, Inc.’s products are sturdy and well-made, it can easily make any child (and parent!) a loyal customer for the years to come. Some of Green Toys, Inc.’s most popular educational toys include plastic trucks, blocks, and pretend-kitchen utensils like cups, pans, forks, and spoons. These kinds of educational toys are perfect for the development of a child’s fine motor and creative imagination skills.

  •  Kid O

With its wide selection of toys and games, Kid O is definitely among the best educational toy brands today. It offers an endless possibility f creative and imaginative play through products that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Every single one of Kid O’s product is intelligently designed to stimulate a toddler’s interest for a very long time. Their toys come with many built-in features that promote creativity and discovery.

Kid O toys are made from high-quality plastic materials that are guaranteed to last for years. They offer a variety of games and toys including puzzles, plastic vehicles, and educational toys.

  •  Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug has a line of high-quality toys that were carefully designed and manufactured for its educational value. This toy company takes great pride in being among the best educational toy brands that offer classic, wooden toys that promote eye-hand coordination, problem-solving, and imaginative play.

Toys manufactured by Melissa & Doug are perfect for both solo and group play. With each product, they make sure that they incorporate the development of a child’s social skills. They also focus on helping children develop cognitive skills through imagination and creativity.

Among the many toys that Melissa & Doug is known for are wooden dollhouses, costumes, standing easel, puppets, and puzzles. They also have toys that sport magnetic activities and musical features.

The Bottom Line

Children rely on us, adults, to decide which toys are perfect for them. Complete information about many other educational toy brands is effortlessly available through a few internet searches.

Additionally, although these trusted toy manufacturing companies provide a wide variety of educational toys for our kids, we have to keep in mind that these are just tools to help them achieve their optimum potential.

Now that we have been provided with these very useful educational toys, it is our responsibility as the adults in the family to guide the youngsters in using these instruments to their advantage. A hands-on approach to enhance every playtime activity is always the most effective way to realize a child’s full potential.


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