Types of Educational Toys

Types of Educational Toys
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Any parent who is keen enough to look for educational toys for their young children online will find that there more than few types to choose from. This can make it a bit hard to decide on which toys will benefit their babies or toddlers the most. First-time parents are often left in a daze just trying to search for the different types of educational toys, and getting every single type just isn’t an option for everyone.

Different Types of Educational Toys

Knowing what the different types of toys offer and the benefits they provide can significantly narrow the choices. Here are the best examples of educational toys and what they offer the young mind.

The basic toys

This is a broad classification of educational toys because this includes a long list of examples. In general, all of the “basic toys” are those that are introduced at a very young age. They mostly teach basic recognition of different shapes, colors, letters, numbers, as well as sounds.

These types of toys are best for the youngest babies because they aren’t very complicated to understand. This is a great way to introduce basic necessary information to the young mind. These are some of the basic educational toys in the market:

  • “Shape mailbox” which allows pattern recognition and following of instructions
  • Light up buttons that encourage attention and also capture interest and often color identification
  • Musical toys are used for sound recognition whether they are animal sounds or repetitive phrases
  • Textured toys are great for enhancing a baby’s sense of touch and exploration of their environment

There are a handful of basic educational toys on the market. Many play sets even incorporate all the basic toys in one multi-purpose activity set to address all the early development needs of a baby.

Toys for physical development

Play mats and other toys made specifically for babies and infants quickly become obsolete once they learn how to roll, crawl, and stand. Another type of toy that encourages muscle growth and the development of motor skills are sturdy activity playsets. Such toys are great for toddlers to practice crawling through, standing up, and taking a few assisted steps. These are the perfect toys for toddlers learning how to use their legs and develop their muscle strength.

Building or constructive toys

Building blocks are a classic form of educational toys. They are perfect for encouraging creative thinking and for using the imagination. Best reserved for older children due to potential choking hazards, these building and construction toys are always reliable for providing endless hours of creative fun. There are no limits to a child’s creativity when they have access to a couple of building blocks.

Social toys

There are some toys that encourage children to play with others and to share their toys. Board games are very popular and best for instilling a great sense of social play. This is very important as children need to learn how to interact with different people and how to share their toys. A child who learns how to socialize from an early age develops into a better adjusted adult in their later years.

Simple science experiments

Exploring the wonderful world of science through interesting experiments is a great way to get children interested in art or science. Although best for older children and not for the early developmental stage, it is still worth noting that making science fun is a great way to fast track young children to enjoying school subjects.

Learning with technology

As much as parents want to avoid it, there is no escaping the influence of technology in today’s modern world. Keep a limit on screen time and always ensure that your kids are only watching and participating in educational programs and games. Little kids can learn a lot from technology. Just keep their exposure to a minimum to discourage overuse of devices while at a young age.


There are so many types of educational toys to choose from and they all have their benefits. As a parent, you should know when to introduce different toys to your kids. It is all about balance when you want to make learning fun. A toy that is too simple may not be stimulating enough for a child’s brain, but a toy that is far too complicated can be very frustrating as well. Keep the balance and slowly introduce your child to toys that cater to their mental and physical needs.

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