Unique Toys for Toddlers: Top 7 Picks

Unique Toys for Toddlers
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Playtime is essential for early childhood development. This is why educators open playschools and parents enroll their young ones. This is also one of the reasons why there are toys of different kinds. Below are some of the unique toys for toddlers that are both educational and enjoyable.

Spinning With A Twist with SpinAgain

SpinAgain is a stacking toy with a unique twist. The young ones will surely enjoy dropping the colorful discs unto the twisted pole. The discs come in different shapes such as stars or round to add to the delight and learning of the toddler.

This stacking toy develops the child’s hand eye-coordination as well as fine motor skills. It would also help in color recognition learning of the child since the discs come in different shades like magenta, teal, lemon, lime, sky blue, and red. Parents are also assured of the health safety of the product since it is made of durable coated plastic that is BPA -free.

Drilling Made Fun: Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop

Teaching young ones to work with their hands at a very early age is a good idea according to early childhood experts. The best way to teach kids to value the work of their hands is to get them a toy that would unleash their creativity and let them use their fingers.

Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop is one of the toys designed to let toddlers use their imagination and creativity while putting their hands to good use. This toy contains a set of drills and bolts and a grid where the young ones can create their designs.

The set contains 100 regular bolts in five different colors, 20 bolts in various shapes and colors, hand screwdriver, wrench, screwdriver, electronic drill and an activity board. Kids can choose to use the 19 activity guide patterns or create their designs.

Playing with Fire The Safe Way: Green Toys Fire Station Playset

It never hurts for parents to start early in teaching their offspring about the different professions. And the best way to do just that is to let them have toys that would make them curious about the tools and equipment needed for each job.

Green Toys Fire Station Playset would let toddlers do some firefighting. The set includes mini fire engines, fire stations, rotating water cannon, stackable bunk beds, command center and firefighter cat characters. Kids would enjoy closing the doors of the fire station, aiding the cats to slide down the pole or pushing the fire engine to rescue. Naturally, all these activities would help develop their fine motor skills.

Cleaning up and storing the items are easy since all the pieces easily fit in the fire station. Parents also need not worry about the health of the young ones with this toy set since it is eco-friendly and made from BPA-free materials.

Learning Shapes and Colors: OombeeCube

Among the first things that parents teach their young ones are colors and shapes. This is why practically every baby has toys in different shapes and colors. One of the most sought-after products in this category is the OombeeCube.

Let the toddlers sort out the shapes with this set composed of six shapes in rubber finish. This shape-sorting toy would help in sensory learning, visual-spatial skills, and fine motor skills. Each item is made of rubber-textured materials that are squishy. Parents need not worry as they are BPA-free and 100 percent food grade, which makes the product perfect for little ones who are teething.

Bowling for Toddlers: Melissa & Doug’s Monster Bowling Set

Who says bowling is only for bigger kids? This bowling set from Melissa & Doug are perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers alike. Parents can let their kids start early with their bowling practice with this unique bowling toy.

This toy set contains six pins and one ball that is fiber-filled. The monster-shaped bowling pins are soft as they are made from premium fabrics that can last for years. The bowling ball size is perfect for small hands. Parents also won’t be bothered by any noise from their child’s bowling practice as these pins are noiseless.

Aside from entertaining the wee ones, this bowling set can also help in developing a passion for the sport as well as enhancing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Unique Toys for Toddlers: High Seas Rocker

Travelling on boats with a toddler is a dreaded task for parents. But just because the wee ones are not best suited for boat travel does not mean that they cannot experience a boat ride. High Seas Rocker would let a toddler feel the sensation of riding on a boat, which makes it one of the unique toys for toddlers.

This wooden rocker is designed to replicate a boat. Children can enhance their imaginative play as well as their gross motor skills with this rocker. Now rocking toddlers is made easy with this innovative wooden boat.

This toy is made from sturdy wood, which is designed for the comfort and safety of the little ones. It has detailing painted in vibrant colors to delight the children even more. The product comes complete with wooden handlebars that are perfect for tiny hands, as well as anchors and lifesavers on both sides.

Parents need not worry as the boat will not overturn or capsize. Plus, the assembly is fairly easy since the product comes with a detailed instruction guide complete with illustrations.

Twisting and Teething: Twistimals – Bear

As all parents know, toddlers would bite everything including their toys. Now, there are toys on the market that are educational as well as safe for toddlers who love to bite.

Twistimals helps the very young ones enhance their gross and fine motor skills with this twistable toy. Made from silicone texture material, toddlers will enjoy the sensation of twisting as well as looking at this bear-inspired toy. The young ones find delight in constantly using their hands in every twist and turn they make in each play.

Parents need not worry as this product is made from BPA-free materials, which makes it safe for toddler’s biting.

It is best to find toys that would help develop a toddler’s imagination, creativity as well as eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills to ensure quality playtime. But just because toys are educational, it does not mean they have to be dull and boring.

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