VTech Alphabet Activity Cube Review

VTech Alphabet Activity Cube Review
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Introducing challenging and educational toys to a child from a young age is one of the best ways to encourage early brain development. When they are faced with a simple problem, toddlers learn how to use their problem-solving skills. They can begin to learn basic association skills, identifying patterns, and other useful skills that help them develop their brains and ability to think independently.

Aside from teaching toddlers valuable critical thinking skills, the right educational toys can instill in them that learning is fun. Attractive colors, different shapes, interesting sounds combined together in one toy can be very engaging and entertaining.

Little tykes will start to perceive that learning and encountering challenges they must solve as a fun activity. This gives them a positive view of education.

Parents who are looking for different ways to both entertain and education their toddlers can look into the VTech Alphabet Activity Cube. Learn everything you need to know about this specific activity play set here.

VTech Alphabet Activity Cube Features

  • 13 alphabetical building blocks (all 26 letters included)
  • Electronic learning tool
  • 5 sides full of fun and entertainment
  • Guaranteed to hit 8 different stages of development
  • Pre-K educational cube
  • Includes 100+ phrases and songs
  • Removable keypads and phone teaches numbers
  • Piano keys light up and teach music, colors, and shapes
  • Gears that turn, sliders, and beads help with developing motor skills
  • Encourages repetitive play through put-and-take holes
  • Peg maze adds extra fun
  • Best for kids age 9 months up to 3 years
  • 2 AA batteries required


VTech has been one of the most popular manufacturers of educational toys for decades and their Alphabet Activity Cube is a recent and amazing product on the market today. The toy provides countless hours of fun for toddlers while at the same time they are learning and developing different skills.

It is fully interactive and keeps the attention of any fussy toddler for hours on end. The cube is quite large, but that enforces its structural integrity, meaning a toddler can safely lean on it without fear of the box suddenly collapsing.

The VTech Alphabet Activity Cube is wonderfully fun because it helps develop a child’s different senses. Their problem-solving skills are also enhanced because of the holes with different shapes and they learn about the alphabet each time they shoot a block into the little holes.

All the buttons produce a different effect and there are hundreds of songs and phrases so that babies can pick up speech more quickly. The cube is also great for toddlers learning to grasp and stand on their own. It is a sturdy piece that supports their weight while they try to stand on their own.

Another reason why this activity cube is so popular is because of the piano keys that don’t just make a sound, but also produce a light when activated. These little features of the play set make a lot of difference because toddlers don’t get bored easily.

Everything from motor skills, problem solving skills, and even repetitive tasks are all covered with this one toy. The toy is a joy to have at home because seeing a toddler learn and have fun during playtime is the best of both worlds for any loving parent.


The buttons that light up and create the different sounds on this activity cube are very sensitive. A light touch is more than enough to activate them, which makes them very delicate. The buttons and piano keys are prone to break down, especially when roughly handled.

Observe toddlers and explain that they should handle their toys with extra care. It can be a way to instill good discipline from a young age as well.

Parents should also take note that this toy creates a lot of sounds. This can quickly become annoying to adults who do not appreciate the noise. There is no silent option and the only way to silence the toy is to take out the battery which deactivates many of its features. Toddlers can still enjoy parts of the toy without the battery, but if you are sensitive to noise this might not be a good educational toy to purchase.


The VTech Alphabet Activity Cube is a great educational toy to have at home. It is a fun way to introduce shapes, sounds, and letters to a toddler. It not only offers more than visual stimulation, but unending enjoyment as well.

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