VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Review

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Review
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Parents understandably want to buy toys that their children can use from infanthood until their toddlerhood, just as they are also likely to buy a convertible crib (i.e., a crib that can be converted into a daybed and a bed).

These baby products, after all, will provide the best value for money in terms of hours of enjoyable learning opportunities and years of use. Many parents then don’t need to buy numerous toys as their children grow older because of these multi-age toys.

This is true for the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, a toy designed to aid in baby’s physical development from being a cute crawler as an infant to a confident walker as a toddler. Of course, since it’s also a toy, it has several design elements that make it enjoyable for children to play with, whether they are babies or toddlers.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Features

The walker measures 16.5 x 14.2 x 18.1 inches and weighs 5 pounds. With these measurements, the recommended age for the sit-to-stand walker is between 9 months and 3 years.

The set already comes with two AA-sized batteries in the package. This is a convenient aspect that many, if not most, toymakers fail to deliver to their customers.

  • Comes with two modes of play

Children in different age groups, such as early infancy and toddlerhood, have different learning needs so toymakers usually make separate toys for each group. But with the VTech walker, your child can use it as he grows from being an infant to being a toddler, partly thanks to the two modes of play available. Both modes, nonetheless, will keep your child learning while enjoying it.

First, the learning mode encourages your child to learn more about shapes, textures and colors, and even words. Your baby will love inserting the shape sorters or pressing on the buttons, spinning the flowers to hear the sound effects and silly phrases, and pressing the piano keys. You may even soon observe them slowly yet surely learning their numbers, colors, and animal sounds, which will not only be charming but satisfying as a parent.

Second, the music mode shares several similarities with the learning mode. Your baby will still hear the fun sounds that can be activated by his pressing on the buttons and piano keys. But there’s an added layer to the sounds – upbeat melodies will be played along with the silly sound effects.

Parents may eventually find the repetitive sound effects and melodies annoying, especially after a hard day. Fortunately, there’s a volume control feature that parents can use to their benefit.

  • Removable play panel

Crawlers and sitters will obviously have different preferred positions when playing. The VTech walker designers have taken it into account and the result is the removable play panel.

You can easily attach and detach it from the walker, thanks to its snap-on design. If you have two small children, they can both use the walker in different ways – your baby can play with the play panel while he’s on his stomach on the floor while your toddler can use the walker for moving around your home. Even an older baby with good hand motor control can carry the play panel via its handle.

Basically, the walker works in the following manner. During your child’s infancy, the activity can be placed on the floor for independent floor play. When he’s old enough to stand with the assistance of a walker, it becomes an on-the-run toy with the activity panel attached to the walker. When he can stand on his own, the walker can still use his toy with or without the activity panel – just let him loose on his imagination that it’s a train, for example.

  • Plenty of interactive activities

The best educational toys for toddlers are those that provide children with plenty of enjoyable educational activities – and the VTech walker seems to fit the bill. The play panel can produce plenty of lights and sounds that will keep children both entertained and educated, especially as most of them can only be activated when a child performs an action. These actions, as previously mentioned, include pressing on buttons and keys.

The activity panel, by the way, contains a telephone handset, a small piano, and a tree, as well as spinning rollers, shape sorters, and light-up buttons. There’s nearly endless fun for babies and toddlers while they’re also learning about music, shapes, colors, music, and words. There are more than 70 sound effects, sing-along songs, and melodies in the repertoire.

But it isn’t just the mental development that the walker develops. This is also a valuable tool for helping children learn how to crawl and walk, as well as how to reach for objects and control their movements.  The sound effects will even play when your child pushes on his walker.


  • Multiple uses for infants and toddlers
  • Stable base for the walker, as well as strong and sturdy materials and construction
  • Offers plenty of learning opportunities for children
  • Encourages physical skills development, too
  • Two play modes, as well as volume and speed control


  • More traction on the tires is needed


The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is an excellent choice as an educational toy for infants and toddlers. It develops both physical and mental skills as your baby learns to crawl and then walk on his own. The removable activity panel can even be used by younger children while the walker becomes a favorite toy for the older child.

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