What are Educational Toys?

What are Educational Toys?
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Most parents hope that their children become Einsteins whilst others just want their kids to be happy and healthy. The toys that a child plays with can affect their learning.

Kids love to play, and they do this best with toys. Some toys they play with may come from the store and others may be as simple as a bottle with a stone in it.

Educational toys are designed to stimulate learning and development in children. These toys may focus on a particular subject or aid in the development of a particular skill.

Toys now are expected to be more than just toy soldiers or dolls. They are expected to stimulate a child’s intellect.


If you are going to buy beads for your children, make sure the items are swallow-proof. That is, they should be extra-large, and your child should be unable to swallow it.

Beads make for a pretty cool activity, and they will help your child develop motor skills as they try to thread them. Be sure to keep all the beads together.

If you are getting the beads for your children, get those beads with numbers and letters. These beads would be good for teaching them sequence, and they can also string a few characters of beads together to make a word or phrase.

Shape Stackers and Sorters

If you had any doubt of what are educational toys, shape stackers and sorters are probably some of the best examples of educational toys. The purpose of these toys is to encourage and develop motor skills, but at the same time, they aim to teach a child to problem solve (by trying to match like shapes) and to learn about shapes.

If you are buying either of these for your child, consider one that has bright colors or even one that may have noises so the senses can also be stimulated. Your child enjoys pulling apart the shapes, moving them around and attempting to fit them into slots.

Most children would have used these toys, and they are must-haves, especially for parents with young kids.

Flash Cards

Even university students make use of flashcards to help their learning. So, why can’t kids use them too but as toys? When a kid passes the baby stage, they are better able to recognize images and some words.

Flashcards aid in the development of memory. If you are going to buy this for your child, depending on the age of your child, you should look for certain images when buying them.

If you are a DIY type of parent, then you can make the cards with your kids to involve them in the process. You should make about 50 cards. Playing with the cards can be fun, but you would have to use it with them.

If you hide them and show them or ask your child to identify something on the card, then it can be both fun and learning activity for both of you.


Don’t worry, what you get in a kiddie toolbox is somewhat different from what you get in an actual toolbox. In an actual toolbox, the tools are real. In a kiddie box, though they are fake they may have similar yet less destructive functionalities.

Toolboxes are good toys because a kid gets to pretend to role play. Whilst dad is building or repairing something, your kid can pretend to mimic the actions.

Academic learning is good, but tools will prepare your child to build things and to be more independent. Who knows, maybe if your child has a toolbox, s/he may consider a blue collar job.

There is nothing wrong with that, and those skills are dying. Contractors often talk about how they enjoyed “fixing” and building things around the house when they were younger.

Kids Smart Watch

These smart watches are similar to the watches that are sold for hundreds of dollars. But, they are cheaper and do not always require a cellular phone to work.

Smartwatches have also been around since the 1990s in the Power Rangers’ films and shows. With a smartwatch, your child can play games, calculate, and tell the time.

They are not the only ones who benefit from the device. You too, get to track their location or call them. You can also keep your kids quiet by getting them the watch.

The watch is not all flash and no substance but smartwatches for kids actually contain a feature that teaches them how to tell the time.

Building Blocks

If you were to ask anyone what are educational toys, the first thing they would probably say is building blocks. Building blocks, like shape sorters, is a toy that every child probably uses.

Even if your parents couldn’t afford the high-end brands, there were some blocks either at home that was passed from one sibling to the next or shared blocks that were used in primary school. Sharing blocks actually encourage cooperation and teach sharing.

These blocks encourage creativity as the child will decide what they want to build. They also stimulate the child on an intellectual level.

Without knowing it, your child would try to find a way to prevent the blocks from falling, and your child will add blocks and subtract blocks from their creation to make it ‘perfect.’ Even if you don’t have store-bought blocks, you can embark on a DIY project using papered product boxes.

What are Educational Toys?

So now that you know what are educational toys are and the holidays are around the corner, you can consider getting your child or children you know toys that fit these categories. These toys are simple, yet educational and they don’t usually break the bank.

Even if money is an issue, as mentioned before, you can engage a child in several DIY projects so they can make their own toy. A DIY toy making project with you and your kid can be quality time well spent. Though some parents may prefer the store, you can consider sharing an experience with them.

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