Yeonha Toys Dinosaur Figures Playset Review

Yeonha Toys Dinosaur Figures Playset Review
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Toddlers are indeed curious little explorers. Most kids love to become astronauts, superheroes or even dinosaur hunters while some love to imagine living during the prehistoric times when there are Stegosaurus roaming and Pterodactyls flying around the area.

This is a good thing for toddlers because it enhances their creativity and ability to think in a scientific way.

In the world today, there may be no real dinosaurs, but manufacturers have invented and even built realistic dinosaur figures and figurines. This is to help in learning the great monsters of the past that roamed the earth before humans began to populate and build infrastructures.

With the vast inventions already made, there are different product lines and brands that pertain to these prehistoric creatures.

One specific toy is a dinosaur playset. These maybe small but perfect for the little hands of the toddlers. There are a lot of different brands that is why the task of a parent is to purchase the best among the best toys ever created.

One important factor to look into is the design and how realistic the toy is. This helps or aids the child in learning about the dinosaur’s name and habitat.

The names of the dinosaurs may be difficult to say or even spell out, but what’s important is that the kids are able to enhance their skills in identifying each type. Parents should also check for the safety of the materials used in making the toy; they should be non-toxic as most toddlers put things in their mouth.

Another thing to check is its value for money. Buying really expensive toys but are easily broken is definitely not worth it.

TheYeonha Toys Vinyl Plastic Dino Dinosaur Set is a great product for toddlers. If your child loves a dinosaur themed party and you’re looking to purchase party favors, you should try this playset as it can be an awesome addition to the children’s loot bags.

Other than parties, these toys are great bonding tools for young siblings at home or at the garden. This playset is lightweight and handy making it convenient to bring at long airplane rides and waiting areas to keep young tots busy.

Aside from the fun factor in playing these toys, children are also educated well on the different names of the dinosaurs. The materials used are BPA-free and durable enough for destructive toddler hands.

The Yeonha Dinosaur playset is suitable for children three years old and above — a great toy to help spark the prehistoric curiosity of young minds. It is also a great tool for teachers in pre kindergarten classes; students can use these toys inside or outside the classroom.

The only thing that makes this product undesirable is that there is excessive glue in some parts of the dinosaur. Curious kids might take them off and accidentally swallow those parts. It is also not advisable to use during bath playtime because it easily fills up with lots of water.


  • 12 pieces of colorful and realistic dinosaur toys
  • Made of durable and non-toxic materials
  • Safe for children three years old and above
  • BPA-free
  • Ideal for any little dinosaur enthusiast
  • Perfect for dinosaur themed parties
  • A learning tool for pre kindergarten classes
  • Great for little boys and girls
  • Sturdy enough for the rough hands of toddlers 


  • Not good for bath play time because it fills with water
  • There are excessive glue on some pieces

Overall, the product is a great buy. The design is superb and a great addition to any home or learning center. But we recommend that you compare it with another brand if you want to make sure that this product is worth every penny.

Parents can check detail by detail all the things to consider in buying safe and appropriate toys for the kids.


This product can be compared to the Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs which is also a set of different dinosaurs with pretty colors. The toys are made of durable materials which are very easy to clean and store at the house or school.

Furthermore, this product is made of molded plastic and ideally built for children ages three years old and above. The only thing to reconsider is that once you open the packaging, there is a strong and pungent smell that may be harmful to very young children.

Another thing is that some of the figures have inaccurate shapes which makes it difficult for the child to decipher which dinosaur he is playing with. It then defeats the purpose of learning and identifying these mini prehistoric replicas.

There are also tiny holes which makes it not good for bath playtime use. Aside from that, there are sharp edges which may be harmful to young hands; these edges and parts need to be filed or smoothened to avoid injury.

The total design does not also match with that of the advertisements as each dinosaur toy looks unrealistic and cheaply made.

Overall, this brand is good, but since there are tiny holes, toddlers should not bring them inside the tub during bath time to avoid water retention inside the toys.

It takes time to drain the water and if left lying inside the toy box, molds might form which poses a health hazard among young children. With features like this, the safety and health of the toddler is of main concern.

The Verdict

Dinosaur toys are great tools for learning about the prehistoric times and having top quality dinosaur replicas helps in the learning process of any child. Between the two products, we can say that the Yeonha Toys Vinyl Plastic Dino Dinosaur Set is a better choice.

This product’s highlight is that it enhances the scientific learning of toddlers aside from the fun factor. With its overall design, any young child would love to have it as a gift.

Aside from the fact that the pros outweigh its cons, the price and quality of this playset are way better compared to the other brand. The materials used are safe for young children. Just be careful of the pungent smell which may affect the respiratory system of your toddler.

Washing it prior with soap and water may remove its pungent and strong smell. Taking the facts above, we can conclude that the Yeonha brand still wins over other brands in this product line.

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